Five TV Neighbors That Would be a Total Nightmare in Real Life


Thank goodness real life is not quite how it is portrayed on sitcoms. If it were, it would mean you would have someone in your building or on your street who felt compelled enough to just walk into your house anytime they wanted and be as overtly annoying as they can at any given moment. In real life, people knock on doors, and you can selectively push people like that out of your life. But on TV, neighbors are like family, no matter how close they are. On TV, even if you hate them, you just sort of have to let them do their bit, or your show might not work. Here are five TV neighbors we are truly grateful we don’t have to deal with in real life.

Urkel from Family Matters

Yes, Urkel from Family Matters may have seemed funny and entertaining to those watching the show. He would bust in to the Winslow’s house on any occasion and randomly ask for cheese. It works really well on a formulaic Friday night sitcom. But in real life, you would deadbolt your doors and get a restraining order against someone like Urkel.

Especially considering he was trying to court your daughter.

Kimmy Gibbler from Full House

Kimmy Gibbler from Full House was also a part of the T.G.I.F “annoying neighbor” cliche’, except she was the white, female version. Kimmy Gibbler is one of those girls you look at you hate immediately. You don’t even mean to, but you cannot help it. Then she opens up her mouth and starts making the hair on the back of your neck stand on end for just how unbearable she is, and all you want to do is kick her out of your house and change the locks.

Why were the Tanner girls even friends with her?

Kramer from Seinfeld

Okay, I will begrudgingly admit that Kramer from Seinfeld is the one TV neighbor on the list we would at least be a bit intrigued by. The people he knows, the stories he tells, the schemes he cooks up. What we would hate would be the fact that he was eating all our food and walking in at all hours (more like, sliding in) would drive us nuts.

But, we cannot deny, there is something undeniably cool about Cosmo Kramer.

Quagmire from Family Guy

Okay, so we know Quagmire is one of Peter Griffin’s best friends on Family Guy. What we don’t quite know is why. Without getting into it too deeply, Quagmire is the kind of guy that your government has to warn you about if he lives in your neighborhood. He is the last guy you ever want feeling comfortable enough around you that he can just stop by anytime.

It was pretty much a tie between him or Herbert.

Wilson from Home Improvement

We know some people looked at Wilson from Home Improvement as the ideal neighbor. Quiet, seemingly gentle. Yet no one seems to ever notice the more nefarious issue with him. He is always hiding his face. If you have kids, and your neighbor is an old guy who is always peering over your fence and hiding his face, he can’t be that different than the above entry on the list.

Just saying what someone should have years ago. Something weird about that dude.

[Photo via NBC]

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