The Five Best William Hurt Movies of His Career

The Five Best William Hurt Movies of His Career

William Hurt Big Chill

Just thinking of the idea that William Hurt could have gone into theater or theology is enough to be thankful that he took to movies instead. Throughout a lot of movies he’s the kind of guy that seems to have the same look, mannerisms, and act. But when you look closer you realize that he’s not doing the same thing over and over, but the act that he does bring to the screen manages to work perfectly for every part he’s been given. He’s not an action hero, he’s not a comedian, and he’s not the kind of person you’d see primarily sc-ifi or fantasy, but he’s been thrust into all of them at one point or another and while it hasn’t worked like a charm he’s done his absolute best to make it work since he’s a very dedicated actor that knows how to stick with something until it’s finished in the manner it needs to be. Drama is where he belongs no doubt, and he’s proven that throughout his career.

Here are a few of the best movies from his career.

5. The Accidental Tourist

Marriage is supposed to be forever, right? Well, when your wife leaves you and seems to never want to get back together things tend to get very lonely, especially when you’re living with two eccentric siblings in your old family home. Macon doesn’t seem like the easiest man to get along with, but Muriel still pursues him as though she knows something about the matter that he doesn’t. Of course when his ex moves back into their home and suggests they start up again he doesn’t exactly hesitate and makes his way back to her. While on a trip to Paris however he sees Muriel again, and by the end of the movie he decides to stay with her.

4. Kiss of the Spider Woman

This is kind of an odd film but William is made to play the part of a transgender woman, a role that would likely enrage a great number of people today. As he is imprisoned with a revolutionary that is considered a danger he/she is also working with the police to try and find out as much about Valentin as she can. In the process however Luis ends up falling in love with the revolutionary and is conflicted about getting him to talk. Upon being released Luis attempts to contact Valentin’s people and is gunned down before being tossed away without a proper burial. It’s a very odd movie, but one that some folks seem to like.

3. Children of a Lesser God

Sometimes the hurt that people feel is just too deep and can’t be healed without going through even more hurt, even if it’s not as real and is the sole province of the person that’s been hurt. Sarah is mistrusting of a lot of people simply because of her past experiences, and James doesn’t do himself any favors by attempting to get in her good graces. For a while it seems as though he finally breaks through the metaphorical wall that she’s put between herself and the world, but eventually he says and does something she doesn’t agree with and she leaves, following another path that leads her to something better than she had.

2. Broadcast News

There is such a thing as journalistic ethics despite what you might see in the news today and in this movie a lot of it has to do with the three individuals that take over the screen throughout the movie. While Jane is trying to do her best as a producer and doing quite well, Aaron is simply trying to make his way through life with the knowledge that he’s in love with Jane but might never be able to grab her attention as Tom does. Unfortunately Tom isn’t exactly the most honest individual in the world as he’s shown to be a bit deceitful throughout the movie, something Jane can’t stand and calls him on before the movie ends.

1. The Big Chill

The death of a shared friend tends to bring a lot of people back into the picture at times since tragedies and triumphs have this effect as it’s been seen throughout the history of almost every relationship. When this group of friends gets together to remember the friend that passed however they find that a great deal has changed between all of them. Time has a way of altering some people and allowing others to stay mostly the same but not in the best of ways. When all is said and done however the group of friends come to realize that the more things change, the more they stay the same, for good or ill.

William is by far and large a dramatic actor, and this is where his biggest strength lies.

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