The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Uses This Situation

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Uses This Situation

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are sad. We are sad watching as Hope recalls the night that she went into labor with the daughter she thinks she lost. We are so sad to see her remember that she was all alone. We are sad to think that she places some blame on herself for this situation. She did nothing wrong. She was simply trying to do something wonderful that turned into a problem for her. She didn’t know this would happen. She didn’t know her situation was not a good one when she went onto that island. She did not know that something this horrible would happen to her, but she’s also remembering things she might not have remembered in the past. And that might just start to make some people a little bit nervous, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, Zoe and Shauna and Flo are together, gun in Shauna’s hand, and she’s making some big decisions in her life. She’s not having any of this. She’s not having a moment of her new life taken from her. She’s met people she likes. Her daughter has a rich and powerful new family, and this means something to them. This has changed their lives, and she is not about to let anyone ruin that for them. She’s finally getting what she wants in life, and she’s not about to let them take this secret to Hope. They are working to figure out how to get Flo to keep her mouth shut about all of it — and we don’t know that they can convince her to do that. She’s not in the mood to have anyone tell her how things will work, and she’s not going to let this define her.

What’s Happening on the Bold and the Beautiful

This just won’t end well, you guys.

What’s Next on the Bold and the Beautiful

Things are taking a crazy turn today, and we have to put it out there that we are not entirely happy with the way it’s going. You see, Quinn has been making a mess of lives from the moment she showed up in LA, but she’s really done a stellar job making a mess of her son’s life and all that this entails. She told him that she found his girlfriend hugging her own ex, Thomas, and then he found some text messages between them that makes things seems like they are something they are not. There is nothing going on, but he now things there is. And so he will invite Flo out to dinner with him, and then he will kiss her, and then he will mess up his own relationship with Sally. And Flo, of course, will be all about it because she’s a hot mess who seems to have no problem ruining the lives of everyone.

Meanwhile, Thomas is going to go to Hope and he is going to encourage her to put herself in the decision making seat. He thinks that she should tell Liam she wants him to be with Steffy. Why, just why, does everyone around there think that they have the right to tell Liam that he should be with Steffy. Steffy clearly does not want him, as she’s made clear on more than one occasion, and yet they all act like Hope has a decision to make for Steffy. It’s beyond crazy to us. And that’s just one reason Steffy took off.

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