The Best Uses of Waylon Jennings Songs in Movies or TV

Ever notice how a lot of performers from back in the day were reared on a guitar or some other instrument when they were very young? Waylon Jennings was being taught how to play the guitar when he was 8 years old, and by the age of 12 he was performing on a regular program for a radio show. That’s the kind of upbringing a lot of these older musicians had, not all of them, but at least enough to take notice. It makes you wonder how people are doing it these days and how much it really differs from back then. Well obviously the technology wasn’t there back then, but the desire to be famous and to rear a child to be ambitious enough to perform in front of others is still around. Back then however still seems a bit different than today, though in reality the ambition and the competitive nature of the business hasn’t changed all that much.

Here are a few of his songs from TV and movies.

5. The Dukes of Hazzard – Good Ol’ Boys

A lot of us grew up with the Dukes either when they first came out or when they started airing reruns. We got to see their many different adventures and laugh as they were chased about by Roscoe and Boss Hogg to no end. And of course a lot of us guys looked at Daisy as we hit puberty and started wondering why all women didn’t look like her. But all jokes aside this show has been a part of American history for a long time and watching it kind of fade off and then be revived in a kind of haphazard manner was a little painful. Yes, the most recent film did have some redeeming qualities, but it just wasn’t the same.

4. Maverick – You Don’t Mess Around With Me

Maverick was of course a kind of continuation of the original show starring James Garner but a lot of new fans to the movie didn’t really know as much until they looked it up, and a lot of those that remembered the original show might not have realized it until near the end when it was revealed the Cooper was Maverick’s dad. The movie was quite amusing as it injected just enough humor and frivolity into a tale of a gambler that was attempting to do something he’d never done before and win the fortune of a lifetime. Of course when you know that everyone around you is running a con then it becomes a little easier to avoid being taken for everything. The fun part about this is that Waylon Jennings actually showed up in the movie itself for just a brief moment.

3. Waylon Jennings – Good Hearted Woman

This song is featured in a pretty wide number of movies and shows but finding a clip has, for some reason, been exceedingly difficult. Sometimes it’s best to just credit the artist and say that the song was something kind of unique if it was used in so many different projects. In fact it’s fair to say that not a lot of songs have been given this honor when you really look at it so Waylon must have been doing something right all this time if this many people wanted to utilize his song for their various projects.

2. Mad Men – Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line

Don Draper wasn’t a guy that everyone liked but he was the kind of guy that you kind of wanted to be like in many ways since he seemed to have things figured out just enough to get by and to be confident in what he could do. That’s the kind of guy that some people are inherently jealous of and want to see toppled from their perch, but can never seem to find a solid and lasting way to do so. That kind of jealousy is self-defeating more often than not and as you might have noted in the show Don still did his own thing and made sure that others around him were able to realize that. So yeah, he wasn’t always the best guy but he was someone that didn’t make a lot of apologies.

1. Waylon Jennings – You Ask Me To

This song was featured in the film Hell or High Water, a movie about two brothers that rob a bank in order to keep their family land. The plan is actually kind of genius since they procured casino chips with the money and then passed it off as winnings in order to make it as untraceable as possible. Then of course things go bad and one of the brothers is shot and killed while the other gets away and manages to get the money placed back in the same bank he robbed it from, thereby finding a way to keep his family’s land so that he can give it to his sons.

Waylon Jennings’ songs are something special to listen to if you just sit and let yourself relax.

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