The Best Uses of Thomas Rhett Songs in Movies or TV

Thomas Rhett seems like the guy that really didn’t know what he wanted to do in life. It’s not that he didn’t have ambition, he just didn’t know which direction to point himself in. In fact the only reason he went to college was that his friends were going. Unfortunately he broke a promise to his mother and dropped out of college to pursue a music career. Like a few others that did the same thing he was picked up and turned into a sensation, which is lucky since someone that doesn’t know what they want to do with life could have gone in pretty much any direction. At this point he’s been nominated for quite a few awards and won several, so it’s obvious he took the right path and has been reaping the benefits of it for some time now. Whether or not he still has trouble deciding on what he wants to do with his days is kind of moot since at this point he has the chance to just kick back and relax if he wants and not worry about his direction so much.

5. Nashville – Whatcha Got In That Cup

Nashville is the kind of TV show that you watch if you’re big into country music or are trying to get interested for whatever reason. The story lines are developed well enough to let the viewer sit back and just watch things as they roll on and the characters are convincing enough that people have picked their favorites usually by their second or third episode. As one of the only real country shows on TV that people take note of it’s among the many that have come along that show the modern era style of country music and how it’s constantly evolving. Plus it’s got some of the biggest starts on its cast, which helps.

4. Live from the Lounge – Die A Happy Man

The one thing about ambition is that it can lead to many positive experiences in life but it can also cause someone to reach past the limits of what’s possible for them to accomplish. While Thomas didn’t really have such an issue he did seem to wander aimlessly in his life when he was young as though he had no real guide or determined path to follow. But some folks can follow others and eventually find their own path since taking the comfortable way forward can at times help one avoid the pitfalls that are learning experiences but are also hardships that many people don’t want to face.

3. Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip – South Side

Alvin and the Chipmunks have been around so long that it’s not too surprising that people are still willing to watch them. After all they’re a great singing act and they’re also fun to listen to and watch since they get into some pretty insane antics. When the guys have to try and get along with the son of Dave’s girlfriend though things tend to get a little nutty as they find that coexisting with the young man isn’t always that easy. But, as always, the guys find a way to get by and eventually win the young man’s respect as he affords them the same, coming together to overcome the challenges that lay ahead of them.

2. The Do-Over – Crash and Burn

The Do-Over is not considered the best of movies by many standards but if you can’t look at it and just enjoy the film for what it is then you might need to check your sense of humor and dial it up a few notches. It’s very true that David Spade hasn’t been quite as effective without Chris Farley over the years, and Adam Sandler has kind of grown out of the man-child act, but when they’re together there’s still enough chemistry that they can produce some laughs. In a movie where Sandler plays a man that is almost completely self-assured and Spade is the uncertain nobody that’s looking to assert himself in life this film is something that’s hard to pin down at first but is still enough fun for a quiet evening.

1. The Best of Me – The Way Things Go

That first love is the one that you never really forget no matter how much time passes or what happens between you. Dawson and Amanda still had a lot of love for one another, but it could never be again since she was married with a son and he had too many issues to handle. When her son is in an accident however and needs a new heart she dreams of Dawson, only to find out later that her son has received a donor heart and Dawson has been shot and killed by his father. After a year passes she finds out from her son that Dawson was the donor that gave him the heart, as he made a sacrifice that would bond them forever.

Thomas Rhett seems to know his path at this point, which is fortunate for everyone.

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