The Best Uses of Don Williams Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of Don Williams Songs in Movies or TV

Don Williams was one of those good ole boys that you might have listened to once or twice but perhaps didn’t stick with since there were so many other artists to see. He had a following and he was even inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2010 but if you ask about ten people on the street it’s likely that only one or two of them might know who he was. Don led a remarkable but somewhat low-key life that suited him just fine it would seem and didn’t want for much but also didn’t want much other than his music and what anyone else might want, a good and fulfilling life. He was a strong influence for a great number of artists and yet he simply did his thing most of the time and didn’t bother really getting big or beyond the reach of anyone else. He was a guy that loved the music and just wanted to play his guitar.

Here are a few of his songs that were featured in movies or TV.

5. Don Williams – Good Ole Boy Like Me

Don was dubbed the ‘gentle giant’ due to his kind nature and his very big stature, and he held to that for a lot of years since he was the kind of guy that would get up on stage and do his thing and that was it. There doesn’t seem to have been a lot of controversy in his life and if there was then nothing was ever published. Guys back in Don’s day weren’t perfect by any means but the controversies that happen today just weren’t as prevalent back then, and if any such thing did happen then the performers were usually lambasted if the truth ever came out. Don seems to have been one of the good guys that just wanted to lead a good life.

4. Don Williams – Help Yourselves to Each Other

The Driver is a story of obsession since the Detective that wants to nail the Driver for his criminal acts is the kind that doesn’t stop where the law tells him to, proceeding to bend and even break the law he serves in order to do what he feels is right by trying to apprehend the Driver at any cost. This is one of those older movies that might not gain a lot of recognition with today’s audiences but would certainly be easy to cite as the inspiration for many films that came after it as the need for one side to always one-up the other and prove that their ideals are in the right is a very popular theme, in life and in movies.

3. Don Williams – I’m Just a Country Boy

The fact is that a lot of people don’t know about Don Williams largely because the current generation moves at a pace that is just too lightning-swift to really pay attention to much of anything that’s not given in snippets. Don Williams is a very real treasure when it comes to country music and a lot of country fans no doubt will recall his peaceful sound as a kind of fond memory that will stay with them a while yet. He does belong to a certain genre but even those folks will at time forget what he brought to the table and it’s good to remind them every now and again so they don’t think that country music started just a couple decades ago.

2. Smokey and the Bandit 2 – Be Your Man

If the first movie wasn’t enough for you then there’s plenty to go around the second time since Bandit, Frog, and Cletus are all back and all trying to stick to Justice and Junior once again. This time however they’re trying to transport an elephant all the way from Miami to Dallas and the challenge is even harder when it’s realized that the elephant is pregnant. You can imagine the hijinks that occur as the trio find ways to get the precious cargo from one end of the country to another with the law on their heels and their constant bickering making it almost impossible to get anywhere without a great amount of difficulty.

1. Don Williams – Love is on a Roll

The Wendell Baker Story is a movie about a con man that gets sent to prison and upon release is sent to a retirement hotel that is just flat out awful to the residents. In trying to make their lives better he not only becomes a better person but he finally rights some wrongs in his own life that were, of course, precipitated by him in the first place. It’s not the kind of movie that really made the mainstream but it’s one that bears watching since there’s a very big moral dilemma that people might actually like.

Don Williams is without a doubt someone that deserves to be immortalized as he’s been.

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