The 10 Best Seinfeld Characters You Never Actually Saw

The 10 Best Seinfeld Characters You Never Actually Saw


Nearly twenty years as passed and I’m still obsessed with Seinfeld.  It’s still the best show on television despite the fact I’ve seen every episode at least twenty times.  And as my interest for the show only keeps growing I find more and more things each day to recognize. Today? Today it’s time to recognize those characters you only hoped could have come to life on the show. They’re used in anecdotes, lies, or any situation where warranted.

Here’s a look at the 10 Best Seinfeld characters who you never actually saw

Corky Ramirez

Briefly mentioned in “The Little Kicks” episode, right after Jerry pulls Kramer out of the Death Blow movie to talk about Brody. “He’s a friend of a friend. You know Corky Ramirez up on 94th Street? One day he and I are playing Pachinko”

Dr. Bison

Jackie’s “yes man” crooked doctor he uses to win cases. “Suzie, call Dr. Bison… tell him it’s for me”


One of several of Kramer’s friends. Just a great name.

Bob Sacamano

Perhaps mentioned more than any of Kramer’s friends is Bob Sacamano. He’s done things from catching rabies to being a high talker, to making condoms in a factory.

Arthur Pensky

Of the Pensky file. George wasn’t sure if Pensky offered him a job or not so he showed up at Pensky’s office. Turns out Pensky couldn’t hire him because the board of directors had been indicted.

Bobby Pinkus

Owner of a dry cleaning business. Murdered by a Kramer’s friend, Genderson, after Kramer assessed a penalty stroke on Genderson on the golf course. Gendersen went off the deep end – killing Pinkus. Poor Pinkus. Poor little Pinkus.

Eduardo Corocio

Made up old boyfriend of Elaine’s when at dinner with her “married” friends . Used to be a matador.

Jay Riemenschneider

In the episode where Kramer fixes Elaine’s back in exchange for the bike Elaine says that Kramer takes things to literally. Elaine uses the example of being hungry enough to eat a horse. Kramer then proceeds to say that he has a friend, Jay Reimenschneider, who eats horse all the time. He supposedly gets it from his butcher.

Ray McKigney

He was a hand model prior to George. He had the most exquisite hands you’ve ever seen according to the photographer. He ruined his hands as they became locked into a deformed position from overuse because he was not master of his domain.

The Lopper

Names for a Serial Killer in NYC. This serial killer cuts people’s heads off in Central Park. Kramer gives the serial killer the nickname “Son of Dad” because he thinks it’s catchy.

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