Stephen Colbert and Bryan Cranston Show Off Their Acting Abilities on The Late Show

Stephen Colbert

Bryan Cranston stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night to promote his new film The Infiltrator, which hits theaters this Wednesday, July 13, and while he and Colbert spent a good amount of time talking about his new movie, they also reflected on some of his past roles, including his work as Walter White in Breaking Bad and his Oscar-nominated performance in last year’s Trumbo. As Colbert says in the video below, what he appreciates most about Cranston’s acting is his ability to subtly portray what his characters are going through emotionally, but could he be just as good of an actor if he wasn’t being so subtle?

Both Cranston and Colbert put that question to the test by giving wonderfully over-the-top performances in the Late Show segment “Too Much Exposition Theater.” Before Cranston’s character appears on screen, Colbert’s character provides viewers with their overly descriptive and incredibly detailed backstory. However, even though it doesn’t take too long for the Breaking Bad actor to appear, the reason for his character’s presence isn’t fully explained until the very end of the sketch, and it’s pretty brilliant in how simple and silly it is.

Watch Stephen Colbert and Bryan Cranston give it their all in “Too Much Exposition Theater” in the video below:

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