Sesame Street: The Walking Gingerbread (The Walking Dead Parody)

Sesame Street: The Walking Gingerbread (The Walking Dead Parody)

Sesame Street: The Walking Gingerbread (The Walking Dead Parody)

That’s certainly one for the books. The Walking Gingerbread is something I don’t think would have been fully understood when a lot of us were kids, but seeing as how kids watch nearly everything they’re not supposed to these days it’s likely that they would be able to understand this. I mean come on, Sesame Street has parodied Game of Thrones and Star Wars as well, so it’s not beyond the realm of plausibility that they would do this to The Walking Dead.

It’s pretty funny at least as you sit there with a blank look on your face for a couple of minutes while wondering “aren’t gingerbread characters like giant, walking cookies?”. Didn’t anyone else think of this before the clip got to the final few seconds? Or was it something we were supposed to wait for? Cookie Monster is one of the favorites on Sesame Street without question, but he’s never been among the smartest. Plus, if you really wanted to put some more adult feeling into this show you’d realize that he’s got a very bad case of OCD and simply can’t help himself when he’s around cookies, so an epidemic like this would not be his strong suit.

The Daryl, Michonne, and the Governor characters are a nice touch, but the idea of Cookie Monster not eating cookies when they’re right there is like telling Jaws to not chomp on a nice pair of legs when he swims by. The idea that Cookie Monster could use self-control is a good lesson for kids however and is a part of what makes Sesame Street so valuable to the teaching of young children. However this parody was pretty funny and the madly rolling eyes of Cookie Monster are always fun to watch.

It might be nice if Rick and the others on The Walking Dead could just tell the walkers to practice self-control and not eat people when they’re located in a safe zone, but then we wouldn’t have much of a show. Plus, what works for a kid’s show doesn’t necessarily translate well to a more adult show since the idea of just telling people to stop kind of goes out the window when you become an adult and have to deal with adult problems. But it would still be nice if we could all get along and just behave the way we’re taught when we’re kids, regardless of the fact that we’re zombies or not. It’d be great if that kind of thing was so hard-wired into our brains that it became an automatic default function that could activate, not take over, but activate when someone started making sense.

Yeah I know it’s weird to think about but come on, you just watched a parody of The Walking Dead on Sesame Street, weird is par for the course right now. I would kind of like to know what kicked these parodies off and who came up with them since they are pretty funny.

Those gingerbread characters definitely got to moving when Cookie Monster happened to notice how tasty they looked.

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