10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Chalke

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Chalke

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Chalke

There’s a lot of things that Sarah Chalke should be known for and thankfully a lot of people remember most of them since she’s a fun and engaging character that’s been on TV and in movies and is easy to recognize. Some people were shocked that she returned for the Roseanne show but in all honesty she was a part of it too for a while so you can’t really blame anyone for putting her back in. Aside from that she has a kind of way about her that can be entirely funny, goofy, and sometimes downright hilarious or she can be kind of serious and altogether dramatic, which is great since it shows that she has a great range that she can call on whenever she needs it and actually likes her job well enough to keep up on it. At this point in her career it’s unknown just where she’s going to go next but the safe bet is that wherever she goes it’s going to be enhanced at least a little by her presence.

Here’s a few things you might not have known about Sarah.

10. She took over the role of Becky on Roseanne.

So honestly if you didn’t know about this one then chances are you’ve never watched the Roseanne show or at least didn’t watch it when the original Becky left the show. Bringing her back didn’t make sense to a lot of people but she was brought back in a capacity that made more sense than leaving her out.

9. She took a break from acting to attend college.

There’s always a healthy respect for actors that don’t just catapult from high school or don’t even finish and then go straight into acting. Those that want to better themselves with an education aren’t better people but they are wiser in a way since an education is almost like a safeguard that allows you something else to draw off of if one’s career should ever falter. Of course she was in Roseanne while in high school but she managed to graduate and then move on to a career before taking time off for school.

8. She’s a very active person in her free time.

She loves to hike, is a ski instructor, likes to snowboard, and she likes to kayak. There’s a reason she’s in such good shape, she stays active during her off time and doesn’t sit around a whole lot.

7. She’s a vegetarian.

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder why people make this decision, as it might be that the see how animals are treated on farms or they simply can’t justify eating something that could be a pet, or some other reason. To each their own though.

6. She was in Scrubs.

Elliott was one of those characters that’s easy to fantasize about but at the same time she’s kind of a ditz at times and incredibly smart at others. In other words Elliott is a mess of a character on her good days and a wreck on the bad ones.

5. She played the cello when she was younger.

When she was still a young girl she played the cello for a number of years and got pretty good at it. There’s no telling if she could take it up once again and be just as good but it seems like it might be possible.

4. She was in Chaos Theory.

Not a lot of people know about this movie since it didn’t make a lot of headlines and it wasn’t one of the most popular films of its time. She plays a woman that has an affair with a married man who is going through a crisis after he realizes that his daughter is not the product of his and his wife’s union, because he is in fact sterile. Now try and say that wouldn’t mess with your head.

3. She became a naturalized citizen in 2008.

Having been born in Canada she wasn’t technically a US citizen until 2008. How it works with acting in the US and visas and going back and forth is something you’d have to look up to fully understand.

2. She can write with her toes.

Ever meet someone that’s dexterous enough to be able to do things with their feet? It’s a little weird to watch really since the stubby toes that everyone has aren’t quite as good as fingers. But some people are just talented that way and it’s kind of amazing.

1. She admits to being kind of a klutz.

This might make you wonder if her time spent on Scrubs was all staged or if there were real accidents in there that the director decided to keep instead of calling for a cut. That would be kind of funny actually.

So far in her career she’s made a lot of people laugh, and to be honest it would be great to see her continue in the years to come.

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