Russell Westbrook’s New Foot Locker Commercial is Excellent

Russell Westbrook’s New Foot Locker Commercial is Excellent

Russell Westbrook’s New Foot Locker Commercial is Excellent

Russell Westbrook is one of the best players in the NBA.  That statement is undisputed by virtually everyone on the planet.  However, his stardom hasn’t come without drama or bumps along the way.  His fierce competitiveness and fire on and off the court has given him the reputation of sometimes being a hothead as well as not being likeable.  However, Russell Westbrook will always be Russell Westbrook.  He has a laser focus for the game and will never shy away from admitting that his critics mean nothing to him.   As his quest to average a triple double continues, Westbrook’s amazing season will continue to be put under the microscope and the pressure will continue to build.  Westbrook would probably say “who cares?” if he was asked about it.

Despite all of Westbrook’s insane clothes, fire on the court, and outspoken ways, he definitely has a few funny moments.  While they’re few and far between this new Foot Locker commercial that features the Oklahoma Thunder star is truly a breath of fresh air.   It’s really nice to see him poke fun at himself.  While Westbrook is adamant about not caring about his stats in real life, the entire commercial is dedicated to Russell boasting about stats we’ve never heard of.

The acting is horrible and Westbrook has a ton of trouble sounding natural, but the content itself is awesome.  Check it out below:

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