20 Reasons Why We’ll Always Love Jim Halpert

20 Reasons Why We’ll Always Love Jim Halpert

Jim Halpert is one of the favorite characters from the American version of “The Office” which premiered on NBC in 2004 and ran for nine seasons. The “mockumentary” style television series follows the lives of workers in a mundane, middle sized Scranton, Pennsylvania paper distribution company. With its innocent politically incorrect Regional Manager, Michael Scott (Steven Correll), and an ensemble cast of office workers, the show’s standout character is Jim Halpert (played by John Krasinski). Jim Halpert is bored with his job as a sales representative in the mediocre company in the small town that he grew up in. He breaks up the boredom in the office with his charm, subtle sarcasm and office pranks. Along the way, Jim Halpert falls in love with fellow prankster, “The Office” receptionist Pam Beesley (Jenna Fischer) as they prank obnoxious co-worker Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson). Jim Halpert is the “Everyman” we can all relate to. Here are 20 reasons why we love and some things you never knew about Jim Halpert:

1. His middle name is Duncan

James “Jim” Duncan Halpert was born on October 1, 1978 and grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. His parents are Gerald and Betsy. Jim has two brothers, Pete and Tom, who like to play pranks on Jim and were kind of bullies to him. They have a sister Larissa. Jim’s best friend growing up was Alan Murphy. Jim’s family is of Scottish descent.

2. He’s a sports fan

While in High School, Jim Halpert was a star basketball player. He graduated from the University of Scranton. Jim likes cycling. He’s a huge fan of all Philadelphia sports teams including the Phillies, the Eagles and the 76’ers. Apparently Jim Halpert was the star of his high school basketball team. Did he have dreams of playing pro? His basketball skills are featured in an episode of “The Office”.

3. He’s a sales representative & manager at Dunder Mifflin

Jim Halpert started his career in sales. He took a job as a sales representative at Dunder Mifflin, a mid-sized paper distribution company. He is later transferred to the company’s Stamford, Connecticut office and is appointed assistant regional manager of both offices. He also served as co-manager with Michael Scott. Jim is later appointed regional manager before returning to his sales position at the Scranton office. Jim always had hopes of getting out of Scranton, so throughout his life at Dunder Mifflin, he does everything he can to beat the boredom of his hometown and middle management position.

4. Tim Canterbury

Jim Halpert is based on the character of Tim Canterbury (Martin Freeman) in the British version of “The Office”. Tim and Jim are charming young men working in a boring office in the hometown that they aspired to get out of. Both try to beat the boredom of working in their office and help their co-workers survive with easy sarcasm and funny pranks. Ironically in an episode of the American version of “The Office”, Dwight Schruit (Raine Wilson) says that Jim Halpert looks like a “the world’s tallest hobbit”. Martin Freeman played a hobbit “The Hobbit” film series.

5. He plays the straight man to Michael Scott

Like Tim Canterbury in the original UK series, Jim Halpert’s character is an “Everyman”. He’s a likable charming young man working in a mediocre job. He uses subtle wit and sarcasm to help his co-workers cope with the daily grind of their work. Most importantly, Jim Halpert plays the straight man to comical unknowingly politically incorrect but well meaning and lovable Michael Scott, the Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflin. Greg Daniels, the Executive Producer of the American version of “The Office” named the character of Jim Halpert after a childhood friend. Maybe his friend reminded him of the charming, sarcastic character on the television series.

6. He’s a prankster

Jim Halpert always dreamed for bigger and better things than his hometown of Scranton could offer. To beat the boredom and disappointment at work. He pulled pranks on co-workers, especially co-workers who he liked to make fun of. The butt of most of Halpert’s jokes was Dwight Schrute. Dwight felt as though he were second in charge at the office and his arrogance and obnoxiousness made him a great target for Jim and Pam’s pranks. Whether it was bringing in an Asian American friend to pretend he was Jim, Jim acting like Dwight or stoking Dwight’s paranoia with a CIA story or murder plot, it was great to see Jim and Pam get the best of Dwight.

7. His pranks are actually pretty good

Jim Halpert’s pranks were pretty smart. Some of the smallest pranks were the best like when Halpert put Dwight’s stapler inside a jello mold or when he moved Dwight’s desk into the bathroom. Jim’s impersonation of Dwight annoyed him, but it was pretty funny.

8. He’s not the best boyfriend

Despite Jim Halpert’s reputation as a charming, fun, good looking guy, he wasn’t always the best boyfriend. A lot of times, Halpert let his ego get in the way of romance. When Jim’s girlfriend Karen (Rashida Jones) moves to Scranton to be with him, he gets upset that her choice of apartment is so close to his. Of course he still carried a torch for Pam. Many times, Jim wasn’t supportive of Pam during their relationship. He was too busy pulling a Halloween prank on Dwight to make it to Pam’s art show. After Jim and Pam are married, Jim continues to fantasize about another life. He even takes a job with “Athlead” and invests $10,000 in the company without telling his wife.

9. He isn’t the best co-worker

Jim Halpert is known for his pranks. Sometimes, they cost his co-workers a lot. While he tormented Dwight the most, Halpert regularly played pranks on all of his co-workers. While he was beating boredom, some of Jim Halpert’s pranks really hurt his co-workers. These people were just trying to make a living and often the jokes hurt their pride and reputation. Jim Halpert often ends up being a bully just like his brothers were to him growing up.

10. He isn’t the greatest father

As charming and loving as Jim Halpert often was, he wasn’t always a good co-worker, boyfriend, husband or even a good father. He messed up his daughter Cece’s baptism by promising a spare christening gown was in the car. Poor Cece had to be baptized wearing an Arcade Fire t-shirt. Later in her life, Jim would miss his daughter’s dance recital. Poor Pam had to confide in Brian, the boom mic guy working on the production of the “documentary” of “The Office”.

11. His nickname is “Big Tuna”

Jim Halpert receives the nickname “Big Tuna”. Co-worker Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) names his friend “Big Tuna” because Jim ate a tuna fish salad sandwich on Andy’s first day at Dunder Mifflin. Jim speculates that the reason for the nickname was simply that Andy couldn’t remember Jim’s name. Maybe Andy just gives nicknames because while studying at Cornell, that’s what they did. After all, Andy gave nicknames to everyone. After all, Andy even had nicknames for himself including “Nard Dog”, “Puke” and “Iceman”.

12. John Krasinski got his big break with “The Office”

John Krasinski grew up near Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated from Boston University’s Theatre Arts and studied at the National Theater Institute. His role as Jim Halpert on “The Office” helped him find a successful career in Hollywood. Krasinski originally auditioned for the role of Dwight Schrute but knew the role of Jim Halpert was a better fit for him.  Who else could have played the part of Dwight other than Raine Wilson? Krasinski won two Screen Actors Guild Awards and was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award. While acting in all nine seasons of “The Office”, Krasinski also directed and produced several episodes. He appeared in several films including “Leatherheads” and co-produced and co-wrote 2012’s “Promised Land” with Matt Damon. He co-founded a production company, Sunday Night” in 2013. Most recently, Krasinski achieved critical acclaim for “A Quiet Place” which he directed and co-wrote and starred in with his wife, Emily Blunt.

13. John Krasinski grew up with “The Office’s” B.J. Novak

John Krasinski’s big break was being cast in “The Office” in 2004. Krasinski grew up in Newton, Massachusetts. He was friends with B.J. Novak who was a writer and producer for “The Office” and also became the character of Ryan Howard on the series. John and B.J. played on the same little league team and acted together in high school plays.

14. John Krasinski’s audition

Although his friendship with B.J. Novak, who was the first writer hired for “The Office”, may have helped John Krasinski get an audition for “The Office”, Krasinski admits he almost blew the audition. He originally auditioned for the part of Dwight Schrute but convinced the casting directors that he’d be better for the part of Jim Halpert which fortunately for him and Rainn Wilson turned out to be true. Krasinski admits to speaking with someone he thought was there to audition about his doubts of the show’s success. That person turned out to be Executive Producer Greg Daniels. Fortunately, he had his doubts about the show’s chances too.

15. Why we instantly loved Jim Halpert

The creators, cast and crew of “The Office” were not sure how the American version of the great British comedy would be received. The comedy worked well in Britain, but so many American remakes of British shows don’t seem to work in America. Even in the pilot episode of “The Office” Jim Halpert helped Americans fall in love with the comedy. While characters like Michael Scott and Dwigth Schrute were a bit difficult to get used to because they were so extreme, Jim Halpert was easy for the American audience to get. Jim’s first prank was simple, encasing Dwight’s stapler in jello. He was subtly charming and funny. His instant attraction to Pam helped create a character that wasn’t one dimensional.

16. Great Jim Halpert moments

Although much of Jim Halpert’s life on “The Office” revolved around fighting boredom and making fun of co-workers, there were many heart warming moments where we discovered that Jim had a heart of gold. The times he lets Pam know how much he loves her are the best. He and Pam’s phone call at work was cute. When he revealed he’d do anything for Pam even before they were in a relationship was beautiful. Some of the best moments aside from his relationship with Pam are when Jim Halpert reveals he really does care about his co-workers.

17. Jim started his own company

Jim Halpert started his own company. Athlead was a sports marketing company. It was a dream of his with his college friends. When one of the friends actually starts Athlead, he asks Jim to partner with him. When Pam isn’t on board, Jim Halpert invests in the company anyway. It wasn’t a smart things to do but at least he was following his dream.

18. Jim’s a romantic

Despite his sarcasm and nonchalant attitude, Jim Halpert is a romantic. He was instantly smitten with Pam and cherished his moments with her even though she was engaged to someone else. He planned a special engagement to Pam but was thwarted by Andy’s proposal to Angela (Angela Kinsey). Jim hid his feelings of disappointment because he wanted the moment to be special. Their wedding was also unexpectedly special.

19. Why Jim Halpert is the perfect man

Jim Halpert is the perfect man for so many reasons. He doesn’t even know how good looking he is. He’s not vain at all. He does some of the nicest things for those he loves, especially Pam. He’s charming without having to try. He has a good sense of humor that comes naturally to him. When he loves, he does so with all his heart, and he especially loves Pam and their children.

20. Why we love Jim Halpert

No matter his faults, most people like Jim Halpert. He really is a part of all of us. We get that he had dreams that he couldn’t achieve, but in the end he always loved Pam and loves his children. Although he gives his co-workers a hard time, he still remains likable. He’s charming, handsome, and feels deeply.

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