Real Life Bold and the Beautiful Couples Who Met At Work

Real Life Bold and the Beautiful Couples Who Met At Work

Real Life Bold and the Beautiful Couples Who Met At Work

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are always excited when there is a character with some serious acting skills on the set, but what happens when there is an actor on set who falls for another? It happens all the time, and these are some of our favorite love stories on television. Girl falls for boy, boy falls back, and all things work together for the greater good. Even if their characters aren’t together at this point, they are still the ones who love one another. They are always fun to see, and it’s always fun to watch the dynamic between two characters when they are with someone else who is also on a soap. These are some of our favorite Bold and the Beautiful couples who met at work — whether work was here or another soap related work situation.

Mick Cain and Schae Harrison

These two met a million years ago, and we just love that about them. They are one happy couple with a lot more to offer than you might imagine. They were just working away on their respective parts when they met one another. They might or might not have felt an instant attraction toward one another, but whatever happened with them was clearly worth it in their own minds. They are a beautiful couple. They probably kept things between themselves for a while — as many actors tend to do when they are in the middle of a relationship with another famous face. But they made it official back in 2001 and they have since had a daughter together. We think that means they seem pretty committed and happy with one another. If you look at any photos of them on the red carpet or any premiers, they always look so happy with one another.

Courtney Hope and Chad Duell

They get two mentions this weekend as we also mentioned them in the General Hospital section of this series. He play Michael Corinthos on the hit show, and she’s the lovely Sally Spectra on B&B. She’s coming in hotter than ever, too, because of her return. She was here a while back to make a big mess of things, and that didn’t work out for her. The writers on the show made the decision to get rid of her even though we are sure she was everything good about this show. She wasn’t gone long, though, because they seem to have realized their mistake when they thought it through. They were not able to keep her gone too long, and she made an even bigger return when she showed up again and fell immediately for Wyatt. We love this situation, and we are certainly not mad about it. However, her real life partner of a few years now is Duell, who is on another soap. They didn’t meet at work, but we think that they would not have met at all if it wasn’t for the fact that they are both daytime soap stars. Or maybe that’s wishful thinking.

Darrin Brooks and Kelly Kruger

She might not be around anymore, but she’s a woman who was on the show playing the role of Eva. She come and goes as it happens, but she was around long enough for her to make a big impression on another man who is on the show. Darrin Brooks is the very sweet and kind Wyatt, and his character is dating Sally Spectra, who is really Courtney Hope, who is really with another actor from another show. Eva, or Kelly Kruger, isn’t playing Eva at the current moment in time -though that could change any moment — but she is on the Young and the Restless at the moment. She’s back at Mac, and she’s looking into who killed her husband, JT. And that will be a very interesting situation when she finds out it was his ex’s mother, and they all covered it up together. Either way, they are happily married in real life, and they make one very adorable couple. We kind of think they might be in the top three most adorable soap couples in real life, don’t you think? They’re just that perfect in most ways.

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