The Real Housewives of Atlanta 3.04 “Housewives and Nose Jobs” Review

From the Urban Dictionary:

Bou-ghetto –

A 2 part definition word. Bougie(n): An upper middle-class black person that possess snobby, rich-folk traits and mannerisms. Ghetto(n): Any black person or community fixated in severe urban areas, whether it be in the city or the country. One of the many epitomes of black cultures.

This definition, which was given by Kandi, was exactly what we saw last night on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. While some people might say “boughetto” behavior is an everyday occurrence with the ATL Housewives, last night’s spectacle of Phaedra’s baby shower really brought the term to light. The Twitter feeds were abuzz with wonder as viewers tried to decipher what the hell it was they were seeing. The Facebook timeline was a hotbed for jokes, claims of disbelief, and other shocking responses to what some people called “a hot mess” on display. In short, describing the baby shower as being “bizarre” is too nice of a way to put it. You have to call it “boughetto.” No other word will cut it.

But before that event took place, Phaedra and Cynthia went to an equestrian event, bringing with them Dwight and Cynthia’s beau Peter. This where new Housewife Cynthia shined, because she was dropping major grenades during her interview about the car ride to the event. Declaring that Phaedra looked like Tammy Faye Baker and Dwight looked like Willy Wonka quickly won Cynthia a spot in my heart, where she will forever have a place there. Then when Phaedra practically degraded Peter for having five kids out of wedlock, Cynthia dropped another bomb on Phaedra, which I kind of wished was done in the limo instead of in the interview, just to see what Phaedra had to say afterwards.

Phaedra is cool, but she has to know that her outlook on things not Phaedra-like will isolate her more than making friends with the other ladies.

Where’s Greg?

While Phaedra was flabbergasting viewers across America with her ‘high society’ ways, NeNe was in excruciating pain after plastic surgery on her nose and breasts. By her side was her friend Diane, but Greg was nowhere to found. Kim (God bless her soul) was there by NeNe’s side and witnessed NeNe’s drunken state post-operation, which was hilariously funny.

What wasn’t funny was Greg’s absence during the whole event. We didn’t even get a shot of him coming home or leaving. He isn’t working, so where could he have been?

Sheree and Dr. Faux

While news broke recently of Tiy-E Muhammad not being an actual doctor, it was still interesting to see him do his seminar last night. While he is the self-proclaimed “love doctor”, Muhammad seems to have gotten under Sheree’s skin in a good way. She was clearly into what the man was spitting (I had to agree with him on some aspects, and I do stress ‘some’) and seemed to damn near melt under his gaze. I wonder what Sheree is saying now with all these accusations running rampant about the good relationship counselor and if she sees him in a different light since the “Dr.” salutation is not official.

Kim Tries For Single #2

We got to meet Kim’s parents last night and boy were they a shock to the system a little. Kim’s father looks pretty strict, yet laid back in light of the cameras. When he said that Kim was a professional when it comes to her singing, I wanted him to sit and really reevaluate that comment after talking with Kandi for a bit. Again, Kim wants to do a single and runs to Kandi for help. After the snafu dealing with money after “Tardy For The Party” became a runaway hit, Kandi has gotten wise to Kim’s game and isn’t about to do free work for her ever again. This is how “Goggle Me” came into play, which you all know Kandi had no hand in making. If she did, then it might be on my iPod. Just saying.

Next week it looks like the The Mystery of Apollo is about to take another turn with the paternity of Phaedra’s baby. I think the kid is Apollo’s, but we need some sort of drama, right?

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