Producers are Ready to Start Working on Dark Crystal Season 2

Dark Crystal Season 2

Jessica Fisher of GeekTyrant is only stating what a lot of people that have already seen The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance were waiting to hear, that the producers are ready to get going. There are bound to be a lot of questions that people want answered but so far a lot of it seems pretty simple considering what needs to happen in order to reach the initial story line that was seen in the movie that came out when a lot of us were still kids. For those that have never seen the movie and therefore can’t really grasp the whole idea of how the Gelflings, Skeksis, and Mystics were all intertwined throughout the story it might be confusing. But for those of us that have seen the original movie and have had time to think about it, the questions you might come up with throughout the months leading up to the next season can possibly be answered if you just ask.

Kourtnee Jackson from CheatSheet has a few questions that seem exceedingly simple, such as how the Skeksis came to be in charge, or how and why the Gelflings divided themselves in seven different clans. And of course, one question that a lot of people are trying to figure out is what happened to poor Deet after she had to harness the Darkening? At this point I can’t help myself since I feel the need to at least try and answer these questions considering that we were given the answers throughout the first season.

For one, the Skeksis tricked Aughra into leaving the crystal in their hands as we all heard and as a result started abusing the crystal without anyone being the wiser. The Gelflings under their rule didn’t know any better and it seems obvious to concede that they didn’t want to know or they were somehow manipulated into believing that the Skeksis were all-powerful and therefore worth revering as their superiors. It’s also mentioned that in their younger years the Skeksis were quite fearsome, so it could be that they subjugated the Gelflings for so long that the smaller race simply accepted it after so long, and once the Skeksis left them to their own devices for a while they came to accept their lot in life and figured it could be worse. If you don’t think this is feasible then you haven’t been paying attention to human history since this has happened more than once throughout the centuries that mankind has been around. As to the reason for the Gelfling existing in clans instead of as one as they finally realized was their strength, this seems to be another ploy of the Skeksis, but also simple geographical circumstance considering that the Grottan were considered the lowest of the low since they lived underground, while the Vapra in their mountainous village were the most well-regarded. The seven clans seem to cling to their natural environment but also view each other with disdain or mistrust largely because they don’t fully understand the way that each society works. All that’s known is that they recognize the need for order and stability that comes from alliances and not unification.

Deet is easier to explain but harder to predict since she’d already seen what the Sanctuary tree had to show her, and knew from firsthand experience that the Darkening was starting to spread. Unfortunately for Deet, after being imbued with the power of the Sanctuary tree she became the guardian of Thra and as a result was able to withstand and even absorb the effects of the Darkening, though it came at a very high price. The Emperor’s attempt to annihilate the Gelflings at the battle of Stone in the Wood might have succeeded if not for Deet, who absorbed the Darkening and turned it back on the Skeksis, thereby forcing them to run. Deet however couldn’t stay and enjoy the celebrations of her fellow Gelflings as the Darkening was already taking hold, the sinister purple color that was surrounded by darkness threading its way through her body and even leaking out as she made her way through the forest, killing or tainting whatever it touched.

The second season is going to be intense without a doubt since the Skeksis might actually have reinforcements coming since it was said that there were 18 of them, and thus far we’ve only seen half that number, and two of them have perished. So far the Gelflings seem to have realized that standing together against the Skeksis is better than remaining in servitude to lords that have betrayed them, and the fight is no doubt going to be one as the Skeksis now have the Garthim and the Gelflings have spread the word of rebellion against their former masters. It might take a while, but the second season should be epic.

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