People Were Less Than Happy With the X-Files Finale

People Were Less Than Happy With the X-Files Finale

The X-Files might have just killed itself off with a lackluster finale that some might have thought was riveting but just as many thought was so godawful that it might be best if the show just slunk away in shame at this point. A lot of people were less than happy with the finale since the average X-Files fan wants to know just what’s going on without getting too much information. Unfortunately this time it seems like the producers were willing to give just enough to rev people up and then let them go running off a short pier as the story ran out without anything for fans to land on when it came time to finally understand exactly what was happening.

One fan wrote:

“I feel sick to my stomach and it’s just getting worse instead of better,”

Another noted: “Forgetting the fact that we know the Smoking Man is full of ****, that was too confusing to even enjoy. What just happened to me?”

It’s safe to say that no one was too pleased by the finale since the Twitterverse has been divided down a jagged line of opinion when it comes to what went on and how the story was handled. In all honesty it seemed more like a show in which Muldur got to be the stereotypical hero while Scully was made into little more than a baby-making prophet that didn’t do much anymore. And their son William was just shy of being a psychopath despite the fact that he had a good reason for being that way, as being hunted for most of your life will tend to mess with your head.

Another fan decided comment with:

“Impregnating someone without consent IS RAPE. And I am so f****** sick of victimization being used as an “interesting and emotional” plot point by tone deaf men. Our suffering is not your entertainment, Chris Carter. You just f***** over my favorite character AGAIN.”

People do realize this is a drama right? The finale wasn’t that great but it was hardly an ode to Dana Scully being used as a baby machine against her will. Obviously getting pregnant wasn’t her idea to start with but the horrible things that go on in TV shows and movies aren’t intended as a stab at society’s need for drama or used as something to satisfy the appetite of those that love to see the kind of sick things that go into the shows. It’s a plot device, one that strikes a sour chord with some people obviously but still one that has been used an uncounted amount of times in film and TV. Do you think this fan objected to the movie Alien? It would make sense wouldn’t it?

In any case people just were not happy with the finale at all and voiced their displeasure long and loud. This might not be the death knell of the show quite yet but if Gillian Anderson isn’t returning then it might be something similar.

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