Our Picks For The Top 5 Coolest Looking Hunter Armor Sets in Destiny 2

Our Picks For The Top 5 Coolest Looking Hunter Armor Sets in Destiny 2

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Armor has always been one of the highly sought after gear pieces in Destiny and Destiny 2 – it’s a staple of any looter shooter, looter brawler, or just any game that involves loot. I absolutely loved the armor in Destiny 1 and my favorite was by far the Taken armor that gave the wearer an entire suit of Taken goo (or whatever you want to call it) – basically it just made you look like one of the Taken and it was the coolest thing in the whole game. What makes Destiny’s armor all the more fun is that there’s 3 different classes that each have their own armor sets to find throughout the game, but we’re going to be focusing on the Hunter class for now. Unfortunately, while Destiny 2 still does have some pretty cool looking armor sets, none of it truly lives up to the Destiny 1 potential, mostly because there’s a completely different aesthetic going on with Destiny 2 compared to the original game. That being said, which armor sets for the Hunter class in Destiny 2 do we think are the coolest in the game?

5. Shadow of Silcnce Suit

The Shadow of Silence Suit came from the Crown of Sorrow Raid, and while many people were disappointed with the Raid and its loot potential, I have to disagree with some on that. I thought that the Hunter armor that could be obtained through the Crown of Sorrow Raid was some of the coolest looking armor in the game, I mean just taking a look at the helmet it just looks intimidating, and that’s before you even get to the legs, which have these knife looking toes that seem to work like claws. Overall, I think that the Crown of Sorrow Raid armor set for Hunter looks pretty sweet, and it’s one of my favorites so far.

4. Solstice Suit (Magnificent)

I’m also a big fan of the Magnificent Solstice Suit from the 2020 Solstice of Heroes event, and specifically the helmet. There’s something about the Solstice Mask that screams medieval, jousting, and it’s got a whole renaissance vibe going with it that I quite enjoy. Of course, you can’t mention the Solstice armor without mentioning the super cool glows that you can apply to them, which are still some of the coolest additions to Destiny 2 armor that Bungie has ever implemented. I will always be a fan of Solstice armor (especially because it gives me something to grind for!)

3. Legacy’s Oath Suit

Well, I’m sure if you’ve read my other two pieces on the coolest Titan armor and the coolest Warlock armor, you would have seen this one coming from a mile away. While the Legacy’s Oath Suit isn’t my all time favorite for any class in Destiny 2, I love all three versions of it, and it’s some of the coolest and most unique armor sets that has been introduced into Destiny 2 in a long time. I definitely hope that Bungie continues to make armor sets with such unique visuals as the Legacy’s Oath Suit in the future.

2. Forbidden Visage Set

The Forbidden Visage Set was (unfortunately) introduced into the Eververse store with Season of the Hunt, and while I’m still sad to see more and more of the coolest armor sets being placed into the game as a purchasable microtransaction, I still have to give the wonderful artists at Bungie credit where credit is due, because this armor set looks awesome. I love the black and the white, and the mask just looks really intense. Definitely wish this was an armor set that could drop from the world pool in game.

1. Luxe Set

Finally, we’ve got the Luxe Set. This was probably the single best thing to come out of Season of the Worthy (and honestly, probably the only good thing.) Many players were incredibly disappointed with Season of the Worthy, but when it came time to tease some of the seasonal armor sets, everyone started freaking out about the Luxe Set and how it made Hunters (which a lot of people, at the time, thought were going to be Titans,) look like a badass biker. I know plenty of people that have purchased the entire armor set and have yet to take it off, and quite honestly, I don’t blame them.

So, there you have it, folks: my favorite Hunter armor sets that we currently have in Destiny 2 (so far.) While again, I think I still prefer most of the armor aesthetics from Destiny 1, I can definitely appreciate the change and shift that Bungie has made to diversify the way that we view armor in Destiny 2. I just hope that we get some super cool Hive themed armor like we did in The Taken King sometime soon!Destiny 2

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