So O.J. Simpson Was Driving a White SUV Home from Prison Release

Nothing’s changed. You’ve got that right, but it would be a lot better if OJ got it wrong. Whether you believe he was innocent or guilty the fact of the matter is that the man just spent almost a decade in prison and he’s been seen fit to be released. He’s out, there’s nothing to say that he would repeat what he allegedly did, nor is there any reason to continue hassling him. He was seen riding in a white SUV on his way home and of course someone had to come up and ask him a stupid question that Simpson obviously didn’t want to answer. How hounded do you think this guy has been since he got out, and how much do you think it’s going to continue once he gets home, wherever that may be?

It doesn’t matter if you like him or agree with the fact that he’s out, the guy needs to be left alone. If nothing else it will allow the family of Nicole Brown a bit of peace that his release no doubt negated just a bit. If they’re wise they’ll have moved on and will refrain from speaking out against him. Why bring up the old hurt and agony of it? Yes what happened to her was awful, horrible, tragic, life-shattering, and many other descriptive words that could be used to describe what it means to lose someone in such a heinous manner. But why continue to go after someone that most likely won’t even acknowledge your presence any longer?

In those cases it’s often better to go on living your life and perhaps realize that no matter how nonchalant a person is about the crime they’ve been accused with that they’ll live for the rest of their lives with the certainty that they will never again be seen in the same light by anyone. It doesn’t matter if he was innocent or guilty, OJ Simpson will still bear the stigma of the long, controversial trial and will be looked at askance from now until the day he finally passes on. His legacy is essentially ruined and his life followed suit not long after.

You think he’s going to go back to the world and be who he was? He wasn’t that person before he went in, and he knew it. His guilt or innocence doesn’t matter a single bit in the fallout of the trial and now his release. If anything he should be relegated to the past and allowed to fade out as a memory of American culture and nothing more. If people want to take after him and call him out on every little thing he’s supposed to have done or did do then that’s their wasted energy and their issue.

For the rest of us it should be time to just let OJ go the way of the dodo and forget him for a while. The only further harm that could be done would be allowing Simpson to make bank on any type of documentary or interview that could possibly put him in the spotlight again. Forget him and let him fade for a while.

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