10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mireille Enos

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mireille Enos

You know you’ve seen Mereille Enos in one production or another, it might just take finding out which one to really nail it down. She’s been present in a lot of productions really throughout the years and a lot of them have been more motherly to older roles that have managed to give her a lot more of a chance to show a great deal of depth and emotion thanks to the characters she has to play. While a lot of younger women are picked for roles either because of their youthful looks or sex appeal, Mireille is definitely given roles because she has an allure that is partly physical but also grounded in the fact that while she is quite lovely, and she is, she has a very strong sense of character to her as well, meaning that she can pick up a role and perform it almost as though she’s lived the life of her character already and is able to step into without any issue.

That tends to come with age and experience most times. That being said, here are a few things you might not know about her.

10. She didn’t start having kids until she was in her mid-30s.

It seems that more and more women are waiting to have kids, or are having them way too young. But Mireille decided to have her children when she was in her 30s, which isn’t a horrible decision but is kind of later in life. At the very least however it means you’ve hopefully gained some financial freedom and are a bit wiser.

9. She was in the movie Sabotage.

This was one of the more messed up movies that has Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. Enos’ character is one of his agents and as such she is just flat out nuts when it comes to her character. When a cartel that the agents take on starts targeting them however it becomes evident that they messed with the wrong people. Unfortunately it’s hard to know just who to trust throughout the movie, and her character ends up being one of those that just can’t be fully trusted.

8. She had a part in The Killing.

There was a lot of hype heading into this show since it was featuring a talented cast and had a very chilling story to it. While the excitement for the show finally died down it’s still considered to be one of the better parts she’s played in her career.

7. Her career started back in 1994.

She’s been around for a couple of decades at least and has seen and done a lot of things no doubt that have helped to shape her career. Enos has had the chance to star in a lot of interesting shows and movies and thankfully as she gets older she’s being cast in a lot more roles that are quite engaging and allow her to stretch out as a character.

6. She was in Never Here.

This movie is among the psychological thrillers that makes it seem almost like a bad thing to try and help people since one can become obsessed with doing what they believe to be the right thing on some occasions. Enos puts in an awesome performance but the film is uniquely disturbing.

5. She feels that the roles available to women her age are a lot more interesting.

For older women there’s still the point of sex appeal but the idea of being seen as a vapid, teenage girl that’s supposed to bounce around and just show up and look good is gone. Older women, in their 30s and up it would seem, are often given roles that have a lot more substance and are taken in many different directions. There are still women in their upper years that are picked out for their looks, but a lot of women in these age ranges tend to be given a more solid direction with their characters.

4. She was in World War Z.

It’s easy to think the world is going crazy when people start attacking and biting other people and turning them into mindless creatures that don’t seem to feel pain and don’t stop, ever. This was one of the more horrifying zombie movies since not only can the zombies sprint, they tend to form a very large, rolling mass that can overwhelm just about anything.

3. She won a prestigious acting scholarship while at Brigham Young University.

This is quite impressive since BYU is a very prestigious university to begin with and the chance of winning a scholarship is pretty low for anyone unless they’re that deserving.

2. Her entire family are involved in the arts in one way or another.

A lot of people tend to take on the careers that mirror what their family has done, especially if the entire family has been doing close to the same thing for most of their lives.

1. Her first name is pronounced ‘me-RAY’.

Just in case you were having trouble figuring out how to say her name.

She’s a great actress that needs to be in more films.

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