Meet the Cast of Netflix’s “Big Mouth”

Meet the Cast of Netflix’s “Big Mouth”

Meet the Cast of Netflix’s “Big Mouth”

In some ways it almost feels as though a giant, clandestine group of writers and animators got together decades ago and decided to play a long-running game of ‘can you top this?’ and have been doing so ever since. Big Mouth is another cartoon in a long line of them that seems to push the envelope with great aplomb when it comes to sexual matters and the idea of growing up while attempting to discover one’s own sexuality. The main characters and those that support them throughout the series are constantly being presented with sexual situations that are either very disturbing or somehow hilarious given that a lot of people can relate, in a way, to what they’re going through. The raging hormones that a teenager experiences during this point in their life tends to make life very confusing and quite awkward, at least for several years until a person figures out just what to do with themselves.

Here is the cast of voice actors that were picked to bring this show to life.

Fred Armisen – Elliot Birch

In this kind of cartoon you might expect a character like this to pop up since it’s the kind of character that tends to bring in a bit more wrongness to the script that otherwise might be missing. As the father of the main character Elliot is almost like Eugene Levy from American Pie in that he relates to his son in a very strange and sometimes inappropriate way that still makes people laugh thanks to the audacity of it.

Jason Mantzoukas – Jay Bilzerian

Jay is that kid that was just straight up odd and doesn’t seem to really have a clue how to be a decent person sometimes but really does long for a life that is spent being a good person in a loving family. But quite honestly he’s kind of a creepy kid since he does seem to have a weird relationship with his pillow and is completely obsessed with sex. Maybe it’s a good thing that he’s being played by Jason, as he does have a unique sense of humor at times.

Maya Rudolph – Diane Birch

Playing the role of Nick’s mother is Maya Rudolph, who perfectly nails the role of someone that babies their son and in many ways keeps them from becoming a well-developed individual. There are many parents that still do this after all but many among them don’t seem to realize the damage it does. In comedy form it’s apparent just as much as it is in real life, but obviously here it’s more of a device used to show just why Nick is the way he is.

Jenny Slate – Missy

Missy is the really nice girl that’s kind of awkward and nerdy but is great to have around largely because she is just a decent person that likes the company. Her mixed parentage is something that people might look at and raise an eyebrow but the character is one of those that might go unnoticed if not for the fact that she’s at least somewhat important to the story.

Jordan Peele – The Ghost of Duke Ellington

Every kid needs advice now and again, and why not from someone that might be able to give it? The Duke of Ellington lives up in Nick’s basement and dispenses advice from time to time, acting almost as an absentee mentor sometimes to Nick in a way. It’s not the perfect relationship but then anything in a cartoon like this that seems destined to be any kind of relationship is going to come with a few caveats undoubtedly.

John Mulaney – Andrew Glouberman

Nick’s best friend and one of the main characters, Andrew is the kind of kid that you really don’t want to be around sometimes unless you can tolerate him and his constant need to masturbate. Some kids seem to be that way when they discover the pleasure it brings and the overall need to feel that all the time, but they do tend to not have as many friends largely because, well, no one wants to be around a person that feels the need to constantly reach down their pants and make themselves happy. But for the most part he and Nick get along just fine and he can control it, sometimes.

Nick Kroll – Nick Birch

Nick is a kid that’s almost an adolescent and is starting, like everyone else around him, to find out about sex and what it means and what it feels like in certain ways that are better left to the imagination since most of us might already understand it and don’t feel the need to broadcast it. But the mischief that he and his friends get into is fairly hilarious and definitely belongs on Netflix.

There’s been word that a second season will be coming to Netflix, so Big Mouth will continue.

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