10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mariah Huq

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mariah Huq

Mariah Huq is an American actress who is best known for her appearance in the reality television series “Married to Medicine.” She is the wife of Dr. Aydin Huq who is from the country of Bangladesh. She’s a brilliant lady who also has a brilliant career of her own. We were interested in knowing more about her so we checked into her history, as well as what she’s up to now. As it turns out, she’s an impressive doctor’s wife who has made some fairly significant accomplishments in her life. We know that she’s a busy mom of two and this is a full-time job in itself, but we learned 10 things about her that you probably didn’t know, but may find interesting.

1. She’s the creator of “Married to Medicine

Mariah is the brains and creative force behind the television series “Married to Medicine. She is also the executive producer of the show. Huq is a gorgeous celebrity personality, but she’s also very talented, creative and business savvy. Creating a television series is no simple task, and there are a lot of fans who need to know that she’s responsible for the show.

2. Mariah and her husband are philanthropists

The Huqs are doing quite well financially, but they’ve worked for what they have. This couple has a heart for those in need, and being philanthropists, they established a family foundation in Bangladesh. They make trips to the country to do work at the foundation and they take their two children along with them, 11 yar-old Ethan, and 13-year old Lauren. They’re setting a great example of giving and caring for the kids.

3. She’s fully vested in the drama on “Married to Medicine”

Mariah can hold her own when it comes to tangling with other ladies on “Married to Medicine.” Part of the appeal of the show is the reality genre in which rumors get started and co-stars engage in confrontations over what gets said. Mariah and Quad Webb recently referred to rumors about each other in the Sixth Season reunion which stirred up a hornet’s nest of drama. Rumors about Dr. Heavenly Kimes’ husband Dr. Damon Kimes was unfaithful to her, according to Mariah. Quad called her on this and stated that it wasn’t true, and even alleged that she was behind a blog which alleged rumors about her. In a game of tit for tat, she holds her own very well.

4. Mariah embraces Bangladeshi culture

Mariah’s husband is from Bangladesh, and the couple has ties there through their family foundation. It’s plain to see that there is a strong connection to the people. Mariah embraces the culture of her husband, and although she is not from the same culture, she has mastered cooking the dishes that he enjoys, and she makes multiple trips back to the country with her husband and children. She’s also studied the Bengali language.

5. Mariah has a business with her sister

Huq has a lot going on in addition to being a busy wife and mother of two. In addition to creating, producing and starring in “Married to Medicine,” she also co-owns the Jewel and Jem children’s bedding and pajama line. She and her sister Lake have co-founded the business and their new line co children’s bedding and nightwear is scheduled to be launched soon at Macy’s department stores, where you’ll be able to purchase them.

6. She owns a nutritional business too

A second brand that Mariah is co-owner of is Cinnamon Girl Diet and Nutrition. She is the co-founder and co-owner of this company as well. She’s into health and fitness and this line of nutrition brands is aimed towards helping people maintain healthy body weight.

7. She and Aydin had a heartbreak 5 years ago

We also learned that in 2014, Mariah and Ayden were expecting twin babies. Although we’re not sure how far into the pregnancy complications set in, something went terribly wrong. She miscarried the babies, which would have brought the number in their family up from four to six. These life events are heartbreaking and although she and Ayden live an amazing and productive life, they’ve also had their share of ups and downs.

8. Mariah was accused of drug use and erratic behaviors

Quad Webb and Mariah Huq have had an ongoing battle with one another and it’s kept the show filled with drama. Webb-Lunceford made claims that she saw Mariah using cocaine and that she has made a habit of using recreations drugs to control erratic and violent behaviors. Mariah denied the allegations and she even went one better by having herself tested for drug use, then she made the results of the drug test public. The test came back negative for cocaine and other drugs, proving that the rumors Quad started were totally false.

9. Mariah had humble beginnings

Mariah was born on June 12, 1976, in Chatanooga, Tennessee. She is a native of the town and she’s shared that she grew up in the small town, and it’s where she started her career as a celebrity personality. Mariah got a job as a TV host and anchor for a Tennessee news station. She was in charge of producing daily news stories.

10. She’s educated and wealthy

While the Huq’s are not filthy rich, they do have a net worth of an estimated $4 million. They’re just getting started in some of the new sideline businesses that Mariah has co-founded so we’re certain that the family is going to do well in the years to come. Mariah is business savvy and she has the brains and knowledge to make her new businesses work. She’s also educated. She attended the University of Tennessee where she graduated with her undergraduate degree. She double majored in both Business and Communications.

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