10 Things You Didn’t Know about Madison Watkins

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Madison Watkins

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Madison Watkins

Madison Watkins has wanted to be a singer for as long as she can remember. She has always loved to perform and her creativity is undeniable. Now Madison is hoping that American Idol will be the tool that helps her accomplish her dreams. During her audition, Madison made a risky move by performing an original song, but the judges fell in love with what they heard. With a Golden Ticket in hand, Madison is ready for the Hollywood round and there are already lots of viewers who can envision her making it to the end of the competition. Continue reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Madison Watkins from American Idol.

1. She Previously Competed On America’s Got Talent

American Idol isn’t the first time Madison Watkins is stepping on a major stage and sharing her talent with the world. She previously appeared on America’s Got Talent, a decision she made because she’s always dreamed of performing in front of Simon Cowell. Unfortunately, she was eliminated from the competition before reaching the quarter finals.

2. She Dealt With Lots Of Doubters

Madison has always dreamed of becoming a professional singer, but many of the people she encountered often felt like that role was unrealistic. During an interview with Voyage LA Madison said, “I have heard so many “no’s” the past few years. I have had people tell me I am not ready, or that this dream is too big to even pursue, but I haven’t allowed those things to make me stop pursuing this.”

3. She Already Has A Large Social Media Following

Madison now has more eyes on her than ever before, but she’s no stranger to attention. She has build a very strong social media presence and she has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. On TikTok, she has over 300,00 and on Instagram she has almost 90,000. Having a large fan base can definitely come in handy on a competition show like American Idol where the public is responsible for choosing the winner.

4. She’s Already Released Original Music

Madison may not be where she wants to be in her career just yet, but she’s already made lots of steps in the right direction. On top of singing, Madison is also a talented songwriter. She’s already put out some of her own music including several singles and an EP titled Rooted.

5.  She Left School To Pursue Her Music Career

Even though Madison has always known she wanted to pursue singing, she was following a more traditional path after high school. She attended college for two years before deciding that it was time to focus on her dreams. She left school and released her first EP. She auditioned for America’s Got Talent not long after.

6. She Loves 80s Music

Despite being born in the late 90s, Madison has always loved the 80s and its music. While talking to Voyage LA she said, “I am bringing back the era of 80s R&B pop. I am making the 80s relevant again because I feel as though that was the most influential era in music.”

7. She Almost Lost Both Parents

Madison may be flying high now, but things haven’t always been easy for her. During her teenage years, both of her parents dealt with some serious health issues that almost proved to be fatal. Her father was in a motorcycle accident and her mother suffered from a condition that caused her lungs to collapse repeatedly. Fortunately, they both seem to be doing better now.

8. She Likes To Give Back To Others

As Madison’s platform continues to grow, she is focused on using it to bring awareness to the things that she is passionate about. One of those things is giving back to the community. In 2016, she started something called the Glow Movement that is dedicated to working with the youth and inspiring them to chase their dreams.

9. She Has A Strong Support System

Although there have been a lot of people who have doubted Madison over the years, her family has always been in her corner. She has a close relationship with both of her parents and they have stood by her every step of the way. Her father even accompanied her to her American Idol audition.

10. She Is A YouTuber

Online content has become one of the best ways for up and coming artists to be discovered. Madison has worked hard to establish herself online and Instagram and TikTok aren’t the only places where she’s found success. She has a YouTube channel where she posts a variety of videos including performances and tutorials. Her channel has more than 485,000 views.

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