Louie 1.03 “Dr. Ben/Nick” Review

Louie 1.03 “Dr. Ben/Nick” Review

This episode of ‘Louie’continues with the theme Louis’ dissatisfaction over how he looks and feels. He visits his doctor, played by the brilliant Ricky Gervais, who does nothing but ridicule him over how he looks. Dr. Ben even brings a nurse in to laugh at Louis’ privates.

The dialogue between Louis and Dr. Ben seems truly genuine. Ben’s constant jabs come off as actually offensive to Louis. It’s almost as if they had Gervais say the meanest things he could thing of as Louis stood in front of him in his underwear.

This vignette in particular hit a new high (or low?) in ‘Louie’s’quest to be the saddest sitcom around.

The ‘Nick’segment of this episode features fellow comedian Nick DiPaolo. After the two finish up their sets at a club, they begin to discuss politics which eventually declines into a fist fight in which Nick injures his hand.

Again, everything in the vignette comes off as sincere. You can tell that Louis and Nick are indeed great friends that simply don’t share the same world view, at least when it comes to politics.

The sweet moments that punctuate the sullen are what make the show what it is. Is it fair to call ‘Louie’a situation dramedy? Does such a thing exist?

It seems that Louis C.K. is on to something.

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