10 Little Known Facts about “7 Little Johnstons”

10 Little Known Facts about “7 Little Johnstons”

10 Little Known Facts about “7 Little Johnstons”

There have been a few shows now that have depicted smaller folks for reality TV purposes but each one is just a little bit different and can bring a level of entertainment and understanding to audiences that are willing to watch. The 7 Little Johnstons is a show that features a family, the Johnstons, who are as normal as can be save for the fact that they all have dwarfism. To them, their lives are normal and quite honestly it’s an attitude that is as normal as anything else. They do the same things that average-sized people do, they live in the same manner and they try to maintain active lives. They’re a bit sillier on TV obviously that’s all for the show.

So here’s a few other things you might not have known about the show.

10. The show is on the TLC network.

TLC seems to love reality TV and taking on shows like this that give off a huge aura of human interest. It’s something that a lot of people have locked on over the years and found interesting enough to follow season after season. There’s not much word on if there would ever be a renewal of the show but people might like to see them again.

9. It first aired in 2015.

It was on the air for about two years, give or take a month or two, and people seemed to enjoy it. The following might not have been as big as it might have been had they come on the air a little sooner, but it’s still a show that a lot of people can get behind.

8. It ran for four seasons.

The downfall of any show is that it has to remain interesting and it has to keep coming up with dramatic bits and shows that people will want to see. With reality TV unfortunately that means dipping into the more ridiculous and less realistic aspects that have almost nothing to do with how people on the show really live their lives. It could be that four seasons was the limit to what the family wanted to deal with.

7. They are a mixed family obviously.

Alex came from Seoul, Anna is from Siberia, and Emma is from China, so there’s quite the mix in their home, but each of the children seem to have adapted well to their family and have become one tightly-knit unit.

6. One of them had to have brain surgery.

Alex did have to go in for brain surgery when it was found that something was wrong. The family obviously pulled together and prayed as much as they could for his safety and that he would pull through without any complications. Trent and Amber looked ready to have a breakdown. It doesn’t matter if they weren’t born into the family, they’re all still the same family and this is a strong message that is sent with each and every show.

5. Trent is a grounds supervisor at a college in Georgia.

Considering the size of their home and what they need to take care of their family it’s assumed that Trent has a very good job that pays very well. It would kind of have to be in today’s world just to make sure that he could provide for all of them as they are a family of seven and that’s a lot of mouths to feed.

4. The family believes their story is unique.

Having little people on TV for a reality show is not a new thing, but the Johnstons seem eager to tell their story and to let people understand just what life has been like for them and what it’s still like. They make no apologies and don’t bother worrying about any obstacles in their lives when it comes to living in a bigger person’s world. They do what they need to do and work their way around the rest so that they can function. That’s inspiring really for anyone that does it.

3. Amber is a full-time mom.

This is just a little bit surprising since in today’s modern era it’s more common to see both parents working in order to support the home and their family, but perhaps she doesn’t need to since Trent might make a pretty decent living. He does have a supervisory role at a university after all.

2. Only two of the kids are not adopted.

Jonah and Elizabeth are the Johnston’s two natural children that were born to their family. It likely gets discussed in the show why they decided to adopt three more kids, but all in all they seem like a very happy family.

1. Amber was the only person in her family that had dwarfism.

She grew up around average-sized people but according to her she was never treated any differently. She was raised to do things the same way that other people did without any more help than was needed.

It might be worth it just to watch a season.

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