Letitia Wright and Tom Holland in an MCU Movie? Yes Please

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To be fair, this has already happened since Letitia Wright and Tom Holland have both been a part of the same movie in the past since they were in Avengers: Endgame. It’s easy enough to point out that they didn’t interact in this movie, but it sounds as though Wright would like to star in a movie with Holland to show how Shuri and Peter Parker would get along and how they might work together on one problem or another. Fans aren’t shy about saying how great this would be, and honestly, Shuri has worked with Spider-Man in the comics, though she worked with Miles Morales at one point. This would be an exciting idea since it could help the MCU by steering things in a different direction or creating a storyline that might feed into the next big idea coming down the pipeline. But, seriously, it doesn’t appear to matter to fans, as the desire to see it happen is strong enough that many people would get behind it no matter what. The fact that Shur and Peter are both fan favorites tends to help, but that might not be enough to move things forward in a decisive way, at least not yet. 

credit: MCU

Such a team-up depends on how Wakanda Forever does during its run. 

After taking note of this idea, it stands to reason that it might happen eventually simply because Wakanda Forever appears to be doing quite well in the theaters, and Ryan Coogler is being called a genius, among other things, for the way that this second movie was presented. This is enough to make a lot of people feel that the third Black Panther movie if it does come along, would be a perfect time for Shuri and Peter to meet. Of course, what they would get together to accomplish is tough to imagine at the moment since Spider-Man has a long list of enemies, and Shuri has yet to develop as many enemies as the wall-crawler. But with the reality that many individuals and even nations are descending upon Wakanda to plunder their vibranium, it’s fair to think that Spider-Man might be able to become involved at some point. 

Given that Shuri has made her way to America at least once that people know about, if not more, there should be no trouble with setting this adventure in New York. 

Why she would be on her way to New York would be the big question, but in the MCU, it’s not tough to find a reason to make such a thing happen since NYC is still a massive hub of activity heavily influenced by superheroes. But with everything that’s happened at this time, it feels as though Shuri might find herself in trouble if she wanders into the city again, no matter the reason. Also, the fact that Wakanda has a truce with Talokan and that their relationship with the rest of the world is tenuous at best doesn’t inspire much trust between Wakanda and the rest of the world. How Spider-Man would factor into this would be interesting to hear, but again, there’s plenty of material to use and many ways to make such a story work. 

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The idea of who would play the villain and who would appear is interesting. 

There are a lot of villains in the MCU and plenty of different ways to introduce those that haven’t been seen yet. With the type of power that Shuri and Spider-Man represent, it’s easy to think that a mid-tier villain might do if they’re intelligent enough, but a stronger villain might be needed to make this work. Given their level of intelligence as well, it would be best if they were to fight someone with the strength and the type of capabilities that could keep both heroes on their heels for a good part of the movie. This might be a good time to introduce Doctor Doom finally and perhaps even add in another hero if the story allows it. 

Hopefully, this idea can come along in Phase 5 or 6, depending on what’s slated to happen. 

There’s no telling if this idea will happen at all, but the fact that Letitia wants to make it happen is a positive step forward since if Black Panther 3 does begin production at some point, it’s fair to think that she might have at least a little bit of pull with the director. Of course, at this time, speculation is better than a rumor, so being psyched to see this happen is all well and good, but trying to predict what might happen isn’t that easy. 

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