10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lenora Claire

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lenora Claire

Lenora Claire

Becoming a supporting character in someone else’s fantasy world is no fun. Over the past few years, Justin Massler (a.k.a. Scott Massler, Cloud Starchaser, RL Harry Potter, and RL Jesus Christ) has achieved notoriety as the celebrity stalker of everyone he believes to be the real-life incarnation of the Hermiones, Jessica Rabbits, and Lois Lanes that populate his fantastical world. In 2010, he hit the news after bombarding Ivanka Trump with hundreds of online messages, some of which included threats to kills himself in her jewelry store if she didn’t send him a signed photo. As it turns out, Trump isn’t the only woman who’s been on the receiving end of his scary tactics. In 2011, the diagnosed schizophrenic began what would be a lengthy campaign of harassment against Leonora Claire, a casting director, art curator, and, to Massler at least, a real-life Jessica Rabbit. Massler’s crusade of terror came to an end in 2017 when he was sentenced to 4 years in prison- a term that, thanks to California’s controversial Prop 57, came to an end this month after just 2 years. Claire, as you’d expect, has greeted news of his release with anger. “I’m worried about other people. Because he targets so many people, he’s going to kill somebody. It may not be me, but it’s going to be somebody. Trust me, I take no joy in being right in this,” she’s said. To learn more about Claire and her ordeal, read on.

1. She wants Ivanka to step up

Despite the fact that both women have been on the receiving end of Massler’s attentions, Trump has never reached out to Claire, or spoken out about the issues that have afflicted both their lives…. something Claire feels more than a little disappointed by. “I used to think I’d won the ‘stalking lottery,’” she tells MSN. “But Ivanka won’t connect with me. This is a bipartisan issue; we may not be in the same place politically, but this happens to everybody, so let’s work together. But she hasn’t responded.”

2. She refuses to be a victim

Despite being understandably concerned over the news of Massler’s release, Claire has no intention of going into hiding or allowing him to turn her into a victim twice-over. “At this point, I’m just changing the narrative,” she’s said. “I’m like, hell no. I’m not going to be victimized in that way anymore. Come at me, and I’m going to put you in jail. I’m going to help other people. And I’m going to use this crazy story to get change.”

3. She’s been described as the Erin Brockovich of stalking

Massler’s campaign against Claire started in 2011 when he turned up announced at her now-defunct art gallery, pop tART, carrying a spacesuit and uttering the words “You seem like Jessica Rabbit. And I’m going to stalk you.” Despite making numerous complaints to the police (who were already aware of Massler from his previous obsessions with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow), it took Claire several years and multiple strategies to finally get the authorities to take her seriously. She’s since gone on to be an outspoken advocate for victims’ rights, earning herself the title of the Erin Brockovich of Stalking by Vice in the process.

4. Bettie Paige is her inspiration

Prior to the meeting Massler, Claire was best known for her work as an art curator. Known for her edgy style, she’s curated several controversial exhibits, including ‘Golden Gals Gone Wild’, a series of nude paintings of the cast of the sitcom The Golden Girls. In 2009, she made an exhibition of her icon, Bettie Paige, which featured paintings by Playboy illustrator Olivia. Paige has long been an inspiration to Claire, as she shared with LA Weekly. “They say marijuana is a gateway drug, but Bettie was a gateway to so many things that are important to me now.”

5. She’s got a lot of love for the LGBTQ community

In 2009, Claire revealed she could credit a lot of her success as an art curator to the LGBTQ community, who’d been a constant source of support to her over the years. “The LGBT community has been so amazing and supportive of me,” she told Mystikka. “I know Golden Gals Gone Wild wouldn’t have been the success it was without all of their support.”

6. She’s working to improve anti-stalking laws

After Claire appeared on Crime Watch Daily to describe her staking hell, she teamed up with Randa Saunders, the former District Attorney for Southern California who was responsible for creating the state’s stalking laws in 1991. Although California has some of the best stalking laws in the US, both Claire and Saunders believed they were too out of date to protect victims in the modern age. The two have since worked to harness the power of technology to protect victims and deter stalkers, suggesting legislature that will allow restraining orders to be served by email, and an electronic system that would allow victims who’ve made a report to the authorities to view the status of their case.

7. She’s founded a non-profit organization to help victims

Although many of Claire’s efforts to modernize the country’s stalking laws have yet to see success, she’s not allowed the setbacks to stand in her way. In an effort to raise awareness of the issues, she’s launched a non-profit alongside lawyer and stalking victim, Peggy Ferral, which connects fellow stalking survivors with pro-bono lawyers, as well as offering grants to victims who could benefit from a trained therapy dog.

8. She won’t tolerate being shamed

When Claire went public with her story, not everyone was sympathetic. Like the police who’d told her she should “Dye [her] hair and get off the internet” to control the situation, certain keyboard warriors couldn’t help but suggest Claire had invited the attention and should be flattered by it. Claire has been quick to shut down the outdated comments. “These attitudes are archaic,” she tells MSN. “This is no longer acceptable. Why don’t we get to solutions, rather than blaming me for my appearance?”

9. She’s helping other victims take control

As well as doing as much as possible to improve anti-stalking legislation, Claire is also working actively with victims of harassment to teach them the benefits of risk minimization. “It’s not about saying, ‘Get off the internet,’ or ‘Alter your lifestyle,’” she says. “It’s just about existing in a way that’s natural to you, while being aware of these things, and how they can help protect you.”

10. She’s developing a true-crime podcast

Claire recently revealed her next project will be a true-crime podcast. The podcast (aptly enough entitled “Every Breath You Take” after the Police’s stalker-themed hit from the 1980s), will see her team up with criminal psychologist Dr. Kris Mohandie, whom she’s previously appeared alongside on Dr. Oz.

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