Kylo Ren Reacts to the Latest “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Trailer

Star Wars

So just to clear things up, Kylo Ren does not destroy anything in this reaction so if you’re looking to see that you’re going to be disappointed I’m afraid. Instead he has one word to describe it, and that’s, “raw”. It makes sense if you watch the clip, and you might even get a good laugh out of it, I did. The upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi is going to be something epic and it’s becoming more and more evident as the days go by that those of us already holding tickets (yay!) are going to be down to counting the hours by the time it’s almost here.

How could you not? Disregarding Kylo’s disdain for some of the trailer (Luke Skywalker does NOT look like Tyrion Lannister), you can already tell that things are going to go from dire to downright frightening for the Republic as the First Order fires back with as much veracity and cruelty as the Empire did back in The Empire Strikes Back. Keep in mind in every trilogy thus far the second film has shown a disturbing turn of events that has managed to shock us all in some way that we didn’t expect.

If you really look at it then you can see the pattern. There are only a couple of things you really need to take note of. In A New Hope Obi-wan Kenobi wasn’t much of a known character unless a person had read the books and/or comics. But he was the mentor that Luke needed and therefore a good friend. His death was heartbreaking and the fact that he was suddenly a voice in Luke’s head was something no one expected. In The Force Awakens and the Phantom Menace notable characters are introduced and then killed off as well. No one really knew Qui-Gon until he was made to be one of the more personable characters in the story but everyone knew Han Solo. Still, the emotional punch of seeing them being killed by the bad guy was hard to stomach.

Now we come to the middle movie of the trilogies, which means something uniquely bad is about to happen, something….raw. In Attack of the Clones it was the battle between Anakin and Dooku in which he lost a limb, the first of several, and the fact Dooku escaped to continue the war. In Empire Strikes Back Luke loses a hand, the Empire is still holding strong, and Han is taken captive. Now we have The Last Jedi, and it already doesn’t bode well for Luke if he sees such raw talent in Rey and is already scared to death of what it could mean.

Does this mean that Luke won’t be seeing his way past the second film? It would be a surprise if he did, albeit a pleasant one. Leia won’t be unfortunately, as you can well imagine Kylo is already taking aim and going to push the red button to erase his past. The trilogies are aligning nicely, but this means that we’ll have to endure the pain of more loss before the Force can be balanced once again.

Like Kylo said…..RAW.

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