10 Things You Didn’t Know about Keith Bynum

Keith Bynum is a name that the world has come to recognize. He’s one-half of the house flipping couple making beautiful changes to unattractive homes in Detroit. He and his partner, Evan Thomas, are doing all that they can to make sure they not only get to live their dream, but that also help other families also live in their dream homes. The couple is a dynamic duo, and Keith Bynum is a man worth getting to know. Here’s everything you should know about his life.

1. He Lived in Denver

He moved to Detroit after a few hours in the city and with a dream. He knew that he wanted to get into the real estate business, but he felt that life in Denver was a bit too much. He didn’t like the real estate industry there. It was expensive, it was difficult, and he wasn’t happy with the experience.

2. He Had a Woodworking Business

Let’s be clear about Keith Bynum before we go any further – he was not always in the construction and decorating and flipping business. In fact, his first foray into the business was the woodworking business he started and ran on Craigslist making farmhouse tables for buyers.

3. He Fixed His Own Home First

His first attempt at flipping a home began with his own home. He knew it needed some work, so he and Evan Thomas worked on it to create something that made them happy. That turned into purchasing another Rocky Mountain home in desperate need of repair to flip. He did a lovely job on the flip.

4. He Cried Selling His First Flip

Ironically, it was not because he was sad to see his hard work finally go. It was his sheer unhappy feeling with the couple who bought the home. He called them fussy and wealthy, and he cried during the closing. He knew he wanted to get into the flipping business, but he also knew he needed to do it somewhere in which the clients he’d work with were friendlier and the budgets a little more modest than in Denver. Off to Detroit, it was.

5. He Opened a Business

Once he and Thomas moved to Detroit, they bought a home that was unlivable. They spent a month fixing it up and making it a home for themselves – that they eventually sold – and they started their own business. Not only are they flipping homes, but they also own a company called Nine Furniture and Design, and they find affordable and versatile pieces to use in homes they stage. They also sell their homes staged if you add an additional $3,000 to the price.

6. They are Very Conscious About Hiring Local

One thing that Bynum and Thomas are very clear about is hiring locals. They work locally. They flip only in their own neighborhood, and they only do things with contractors and people who work in the area. They feel that Detroit has been very good to them since they’ve arrived, and they want to be sure they are good to the city in return.

7. He’s Working with HGTV

It’s not a secret that this is one network that recognizes talent and capitalizes on that. This couple has been tapped to host their own show called “Bargain Block,” and it’s going to be a good one. What makes this couple different than others on the network is that they only work on starter homes. They take very modest, very affordable homes in desperate need of some love and they give the homes the love they need.

8. He Feels a Sense of Pride in Detroit

Bynum feels that there is a sense of pride in Detroit, and he is happy to be there making it an even more proud city. He feels that the people in the city take a great deal of pride in their homes and their work, and being part of that is a big deal for the man who decided to get into the contracting world without any experience.

9. He Does Most of the Work Himself

While he and Thomas are now in a position that they are so busy they can hire other people, they do most of the work themselves. They do it all from start to finish because they like to keep their costs down so that they can make a difference in the community.

10. He Likes to Make a Difference

Keith Bynum is a man who has a plan. His plan is to make a difference in the world, and he’s taking that plan one house at a time. He’s beautifying a city that needs it, and he’s bringing a sense of change and accomplishment to an entire neighborhood. We don’t know him personally, but we have a feeling he’s a great guy.

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