10 Things You Didn’t Know about Keely Shaye Smith

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Keely Shaye Smith

Keely Shay Smith, or Keely Shay Brosnan as she also goes by, is a very environmentally-minded person that tends to care deeply about the causes she champions and is a very outspoken individual when it comes to many different things in this world. Looking at her it might seem that she’s kind of a quiet person that sits on the sidelines but in reality she is very vocal and has inspired many people throughout her career. To say that she’s been a powerful woman in her own right might be a bit of a stretch but she is very strong-willed and has proven this on more than one occasion in the past as she’s decided to let her voice be heard and make her opinions known. If you don’t know that much about her it could be because she works away from the cameras a lot and doesn’t always seek the spotlight.

Here are a few things you probably didn’t know.

10. She’s the wife of Pierce Brosnan.

This seems to be a big statement in her life but reading on it they were together for several years before they decided to exchange vows. That being said she’s more than just his wife as she has convinced him to stand for something as well as he supports her and engages in the same kind of activism that she does.

9. She’s an avid gardener.

Everyone’s got a hobby, but Keely has made this more than that and has proven to be quite the gardener throughout her life. For those that understand how to make things grow and flourish she’s no doubt one of the authorities that people go to.

8. She’s writing a book on horticulture.

It’s great that she wants to share what she knows and what she does with others and there’s no doubt that the book will be pushed in whatever way possible to make a profit. While that might not be the ultimate goal it’s still a part of what’s going to happen.

7. She was a broadcast journalist.

She’s been all over the world in her attempt to cover one story after another, at times braving dangerous environments and situations. This does manage to show that she’s not afraid to go after what she believes in to inform and educate others.

6. She’s a filmmaker.

After what she’s probably seen as a journalist there’s not a lot of doubt that she’s experienced enough to have some tales to tell and some engaging stories to share with others. What better way to do that then to show them in film?

5. She’s been in a music video.

She was in a music video for Huey Lewis and the News for the song Stuck With You. Back in the day she was quite the knockout, and if you want an honest opinion she’s still very attractive. But time does manage to catch up to us all in one way or another.

4. She’s had articles published in the Los Angeles Confidential.

She seems to have talents just coming out of nowhere since she’s shown that she has the capability to do just about anything she wants to do. The great thing about Keely though is that she’s dedicated a lot of her life educating and keeping other people informed about the goings on of the world around them.

3. She and her husband met in 1994 and were married in 2001.

That might seem like a long courtship for this day and age but people need to be reminded at times that there was a time when it was considered normal to court and to form a solid relationship before buying the rings and hopping on the marriage wagon. Too many divorces occur thanks to people not knowing enough about one another before they decide to tie the knot these days. So spending some time together to get to know one another is actually the smarter move. It’s just too bad a lot of people don’t realize that.

2. Her career started up in 1986.

She’s been around and doing her thing for a while now and has no doubt seen the ins and outs of the business as they existed back then and how they’ve changed throughout the years. Needless to say that she might have had to deal with a lot of those changes throughout her career.

1. She was a glamour model at one point.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise since back in her day she was an absolute knockout to look at. Even now she’s aged fairly well and is still quite attractive. But the glamour model status is something that typically suffers the older one gets and is rarely carried into a person’s older years. It happens, but not quite that often.

Whatever she was back in the day she’s still an impressive woman in this era.

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