Kate Hudson and Leonardo DiCaprio Discuss Method Acting and Working with Daniel Day-Lewis

It’s safe to assume that it is high on the wishlist of any actor to star alongside the great Daniel Day-Lewis in a movie. The man is one of the finest thespians of our time and has earned himself a whopping three Oscars and a further three nominations. He picks his roles carefully and only graces our screens every few years. He has worked alongside some of the best talents in the industry, and it’s safe to say that those actors sit around and share stories of working with Day-Lewis. But each experience is not like the other. You do not know which Daniel Day-Lewis you are going to get!

Credit: There Will Be Blood (2007)

Intense Method Acting

Method acting is a controversial subject in the film industry. Some actors believe that it is the best way to fully immerse themselves into a role, whilst others see it as cheating and find it unnecessary. Many actors are notable for their method of acting and are well respected for it. However, some have been known to take it “too far” and oftentimes make people feel uncomfortable on set.

Actors famous for their method of acting include Christian Bale, Adrien Brody, and Jared Leto. Leto infamously once sent his Suicide Squad cast-mates condoms, anal-beads, and even a rat to channel his unpredictable character. Co-star Will Smith told Beats 1 Radio Show that he “never actually met Jared Leto” as “He was all in on the Joker.”

Jim Carrey is another actor known for his immersive ways. Whilst portraying the legendary comedian Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon, Carrey stayed in character for the whole duration. He would also even stay in character off-set and at home in his private time.

Credit: Man on the Moon (1999)

The Best Method Actor of All Time?

While many actors receive heaps of praise for their dedication to method acting, sometimes it can go unnoticed. Many actors have completely transformed themselves and lost dangerous amounts of weight (Christian Bale – The Machinist) or gained significant amounts of weight (Sylvester Stallone – Cop Land). Day-Lewis, however, is regarded as possibly the best actor to have ever lived. He works less often than your average Hollywood star but when he does work, he is known for being fully immersed in his methodic ways!

Credit: Phantom Thread (2017)

Leo and Kate Discuss Daniel Day-Lewis

It’s fair to say that Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Hudson have bumped shoulders with some Hollywood giants. This has to have a lasting effect on you and mold you into the best possible actor you can be! Whilst appearing on Hot Ones, the popular YouTube series where famous guests answers questions whilst eating hot wings, Hudson discussed a time she compared notes with DiCaprio on working with Day-Lewis.

Hudson worked with Day-Lewis on the musical romance Nine. Day-Lewis played Guido Contini, a film director who struggles to find harmony when he juggles the relationships of his wife, mistress, agent, and mother. Hudson played Stephanie, an American fashion journalist from Vogue. 

When asked about working with Day-Lewis, Hudson had this to say:

“It was the best. I had the best of Daniel. I remember Leonardo DiCaprio saying to me not to drop any names, but Leo said to me once, ‘How was Daniel?’ And, I was like, ‘[sighs], the best!’ And he was like, ‘Really?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, you had him on Gangs Of New York. You got that, Daniel. I got Guido’. I mean it was like the juxtaposition of your arch nemesis trying to kill you versus the man trying to sleep with you – two very different Daniel method actors.”

When asked if it was true that Day-Lewis left notes for Hudson in character, Hudson replied:

“I would show up to my dressing room and have notes from Guido. ‘Stephanie, you were wonderful yesterday,’ and I was like, this is like when I die… my children, my grandchildren, this might live on… if I can find them.”

It’s safe to say that Hudson had a ball working with Day-Lewis, and an enriching experience that she will remember forever!

Credit: Nine (2009)

Will Day-Lewis Return?

When it comes to acting, Day-Lewis has expressed that he has no more to offer. When he throws so much into a role and takes his work home with him every night, one can only assume that takes its toll on the body and mind. However, he has retired before and made an epic comeback. So, who knows – maybe we haven’t seen the last of this titan method, man!

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