Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnancy: The Pros and Cons

Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnancy: The Pros and Cons

The Duggars have seen their fair share over the years from their TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting. We’ve seen quite a number of marriages and births throughout the show’s 9 seasons, but something about Joy-Anna Duggar’s pregnancy just isn’t sitting right with viewers. No one said much when Joy-Anna and her now husband Austin moved up their wedding ceremony to get married right away. However, as soon as Joy-Anna confirmed on social media not too long after the wedding that she was pregnant, speculations started spouting. Could Joy-Anna have gotten pregnant before wedlock? As controversial as that is if it were true, it really doesn’t matter at this point because now, Joy-Anna and Austin have bigger things to start worrying about.

Getting pregnant and having a baby at such a young age has its pros and cons. We’ve listed them here for Joy-Anna and Austin and maybe even anyone else going through the same stuff.


1. Starting a family early can be a great thing. You’ll still have all your youthful energy to keep up with the work of raising kids. Joy-Anna is currently 19 and will probably have her baby next year. This means that by the time the baby is done with high school, Joy-Anna will still be less than 40 years old!

2. Specifically for the Duggars, this baby will literally never run out of family. There’s something wonderful about belonging to a large family, and the Duggars are nothing less than large.

3. Apart from belonging to a large family, the baby will also be lucky enough to find itself in a good one. There’s no doubt Joy-Anna and Austin will be good parents, especially with the support system they’ll have. It takes a village to raise children, and the Duggars might as well have their own village. Or two.


1. Joy-Anna and Austin are definitely not having a honeymoon. Not to say that they can’t, but if they want to be smart about it, they really shouldn’t spend their money on one anymore just to get ready for the baby.

2. The couple won’t get to really spend some time getting into the roles of husband and wives, getting comfortable with it, and enjoying it altogether. Now they’re pretty much mom and dad already. It isn’t saying that they can’t enjoy their time as husband and wife once they have their kid, but it’s just the kind of time that they’ll never have ever again, one to just focus on each other completely and no one else.

3. Joy-Anna will now have to postpone college for a little while. If she’s smart, she’ll strive to get back into it as soon as possible. She also doesn’t have a job, which means she doesn’t have money. Logistics matter, especially when you’re pregnant.

We’re sure the newlyweds will have everything they’ll need to raise their baby. We’re also sure that they’ll be great at it, being parents that is.


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