John Krasinski Wants to Play Mr. Fantastic in a Fantastic Four Movie

John Krasinski Wants to Play Mr. Fantastic in a Fantastic Four Movie

John Krasinski Wants to Play Mr. Fantastic in a Fantastic Four Movie

At the moment, John Krasinski is doing the press tour for his latest project ‘A Quiet Place’. Early critics reviews reveal that this is a great film. It is now time for him to consider what lies ahead in his career and choosing the projects with which he would like to get involved. With this in mind, Screen Rant asked him about whether he would be interested in playing a superhero at some point in the future. His response was rather interesting.

He expressed an interest in playing Mr. Fantastic in ‘Fantastic Four’ with his wife, Emily Blunt, taking on the role of the Invisible Woman. If this ever happened, it would not be the first time the couple has appeared on screen together as they worked alongside each other in ‘A Quiet Place’.

Krasinski has said that he didn’t read comics as a child, so he is something of a latecomer to the world of superheroes. However, he has said that he is now getting into it as superhero films are such a big trend right now. He noted that a lot of the superhero roles are already taken, but if there are any left, he would definitely be interested in taking on such a role.

He also spoke positively about the potential to work with his wife again in the future. Unlike many couples who prefer to keep their work and personal life separate, Krasinski seemed delighted at the prospect of working alongside Emily Blunt on future projects.

The idea is not too farfetched as both Blunt and Krasinski have almost played superheroes before. While Krasinski was lined up to play Steve Rogers but dropped out, Blunt was considered for the roles of Black Widow and Peggy Carter. There were also rumors that she was being lined up to play Carol Danvers, but this is something that Blunt has vehemently denied.

Maybe that wasn’t the right time for the couple to take on superhero roles, but the time could now be right for the pair. Blunt has already demonstrated her skills in action movies as she starred in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’. She has shown her diversity by also playing more nurturing characters and this was clear from her role in ‘Mary Poppins Returns’.

John Krasinski has demonstrated a similar level of diversity in the wide range of roles he has played in recent years. He is starring in Amazon’s Jack Reacher series and has also played the good guy Jim Halpert in ‘The Office’.

With the couple’s wide range of experience, serious acting talent, and on-screen chemistry, they may make the perfect coupling to take on lead roles in a ‘Fantastic Four’ movie. There are no confirmed plans yet for a sequel to the 2015 ‘Fantastic Four’ movie. However, there have been talks about a potential sequel before the first film was even released. If the sequel does go ahead, it will be interesting to see who the casting director chooses for the roles and if John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are in the running to take on the main characters.

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