If The Terminator Ever Got Remade, Who Should Play The Terminator?

If The Terminator Ever Got Remade, Who Should Play The Terminator?

Let’s hope that The Terminator doesn’t get a remake in our lifetime, but if it ever does happen, hopefully the casting will be on point and whoever is behind the camera will have an idea of what they’re doing with the story. A lot of actors come to mind when it comes to who might be able to play the iconic T-800, and there are others who would be perfect to play the more advanced terminators as well. One idea would actually be kind of tough to get since he’s constantly busy, but perhaps Dwayne Johnson breaking bad once again would be interesting to see. He could even play a slightly advanced T-800 that acts more human and is harder to spot. That last part might have to be included simply because he’s usually such a talkative guy. But the reason for making mention of Johnson is that he’s a big, physical guy, and could take the role of the terminator to a new height that would be nothing short of awesome. Also, he’s played a villain before, and I’m not talking about the Scorpion King in The Mummy Returns. Does anyone remember Doom? It was kind of a horrible movie, but it was still a decent look at Johnson as a bad guy.

Emily Blunt might make a good version of Sarah Connor, especially since she can take on a very unassuming and ordinary, everyday look as a person just trying to get through life and not thinking that much about the future. But she can also come off as a tough-as-nails character as well and someone who can get angry when she needs to. This would actually be a good idea simply because she and Johnson do have such great onscreen chemistry that would make this kind of casting work. And it’s not a superhero movie so hopefully, she wouldn’t be too against it. Obviously the idea that she’s not one for being a superhero isn’t going to go away anytime soon, but she can definitely pull her weight as an action star.

It feels like too much of a setup to say that John Krasinski could play the part of Kyle Reese since it would no doubt get an eye roll from a lot of people. But think of it this way, Krasinski could go as far as directing the movie as well as starring in it, or perhaps he could write the movie at least and star in it since that might be kind of satisfying. Some folks might not think that he’s Kyle Reese material, but let’s take a mental headcount really quick. Michael Biehn set the bar in the original movie, but then it passed over to Anton Yelchin, who played a much younger version of Reese and then to Jai Courtney, who played a less than believable version since Genysis was kind of a trainwreck from the start. This is why I would gladly pick Krasinski if only because he’s a good actor, he’s performed as an action star, and it would be interesting to see both him and Emily in the same movie again since they appear to get the job done without too many problems.

A lot of people would probably argue that the story would need to stay as close to the same as possible, and personally, I would agree, but unless the story was bound to head back to the 80s, a lot of things would need to be updated in order to have this movie make even a bit of sense, which would be the desire given that the first movie is a classic, and is only upstaged by the second, which was pure awesome no matter who wants to say what about it. The rest of the casting wouldn’t be quite so hard, but the three core characters who would be the main focus of the movie would definitely need to be taken into careful consideration. My own picks are those I feel would be a lot of fun to see, but one can imagine that a lot of people would rather see someone else in each role, and possibly someone younger. Some folks might not think that Johnson could be the bad guy, while others might take issue with all of these picks.

Oh well, that’s the power of opinion, we all get to have our own. But the idea of a Terminator reboot is a dicey thing really since there’s so much that can be messed up if just a couple of things are mishandled. It might be worth the attempt though, especially if someone was able to find a way to make it happen in a way that the fans would appreciate. Knowing how easy that isn’t, it’s not hard to think of why no one has really pushed for a full remake yet.John Krasinski

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