How Space Movies Have Evolved Over The Past 120 Years

How Space Movies Have Evolved Over The Past 120 Years

It’s been over a century now since space movies first became an idea, and the first thought that pops into mind is what those early filmmakers were thinking about when they took that first step. It does sound fair to think that humanity has wondered about the stars for a long time now since there have been plenty of writings that have referenced the night sky above our world and the vastness that many have theorized about for so long. In terms of cinema though, humanity went forward without really bothering to know as much as possible since space movies have been around for quite a while and have been making advances in their techniques and methods as they’ve continued to evolve. Even without the in-depth knowledge that would eventually come once the first men landed on the moon, cinema still took hold of the idea of space and ran with it. The methods that were used initially were, obviously, choppy and definitely took a lot of innovation, but the fact is that those ideas that came first gave rise to the methods that are now being employed so often in countless movies and shows that are seen in the current day.

The technology that’s come along throughout the years has been more than a little impressive since from wirework and different lighting systems to the cameras and even the CGI that has come a long way over the years, space movies have become something that is absolutely fascinating. It’s only natural that those who have been in space would at times pop up to tell us what parts of the movie are realistic and which ones are all cinema, but this isn’t such a bad thing since it brings people back down to the truth of the matter since cinema does take a lot of liberties with the truth.

That’s natural to be certain since fiction is going to take whatever it can in order to entertain the audience and give them a little something extra to go with the reality that it’s based on. The fact is that between realism and fantasy, a lot has happened when it comes to movies and TV shows that are based in space or have something to do with it. From the camera work to the overall story one has to admire the way that things have been put together since one aspect can’t really cope without the other and when everything comes together in a way that works it gives the audience a tale that is expertly put together and is bound to be remembered by many for one reason or another. There is a lot of thought as to what goes into each movie and show since the different plots that writers come up with tend to need different methods and techniques that may or may not be perfect for the story but can be adapted if need be. Thinking of how many different methods and techniques exist makes it even more difficult to fully understand how many directors and their crews go about visualizing every part of the movie before finally putting it all together.

The thing about this is that the picture that each person sees inside their head is bound to be different since the thought processes that go into the making of each movie and TV show are bound to be different. But by visualizing, compromising, and taking what’s known, and applying the proper technology to the idea, we end up getting the types of movies that are absolutely mesmerizing and therefore take us on a trip that is spellbinding in a way. Space movies are very adept at this since they tend to invite an underlying tension that is always there no matter how the story is bound to go. The base and fundamental thought is that they’re in space, an inhospitable environment that isn’t to be toyed around with and is going to be there each and every time the character steps out into the void. Becoming removed from this idea isn’t possible simply because it’s one of the building blocks of these movies, and everything that comes after it relies on those building blocks being strong and versatile enough to shift when an idea requires it.

It’s easy to think that space movies are only going to get more and more impressive since the idea of actually filming in space is one that has been mentioned a few times and could actually happen, thereby changing the game once again as people are going to expect more and more as the years roll by. How likely this is to happen is something that’s only bound by the technology of the day and the methods and techniques that directors and their crew can come up with. But it’s likely that things will definitely change in a big way in the next century as well.

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