How Does “The World’s Best” Differ from “America’s Got Talent?”

Over the years, we have seen many reality shows come and go, and aiming at different audiences all over the world. Some focusing on singing, some dancing, and some that focus on just the pure, raw talent that individuals have. One of the most popular of the talent shows that has been running for many seasons now is that of ‘America’s Got Talent’, and the show has even since made its way to other countries across the globe. However, it seems as though there may be some rivalry making way, as CBS introduces its own talent oriented reality show, which is called ‘The World’s Best’. While the shows do have many similarities that you notice when watching, there are some distinctive details that separate them as shows, and that is why we are here. With that said, let’s take a look at the differences that ‘The World’s Best’ have already brought to the table.

1. The Wall Of The World

This is probably the main detail that makes the show differ from all of the other shows out there thus far, and for good reason. Along with the three judges on the series, Ru Paul, Drew Barrymore, and Faith Hill, there is also a board of fifty artists, or what the show refers to them as ‘experts’ of the talent shown, will be able to help the judges in deciding who will move on throughout the competition. There are several different countries that are represented on the Wall of the World, including China, Mexico, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, Afghanistan, Australia, Holland, Nigeria, and Kazakhstan. The point of the Wall of the World is that the show is truly incorporating talent and individuals from all over the world, not just contestant wise, but also in the judging as well.

2. Trying To Compete

When talking about the new series, ‘The World’s Best’ executive producer Mike Darnell has said that he was trying to find a show that could make its mark when competing with ‘America’s Got Talent’. In all honesty, there hasn’t been a show that has been able to compete with ‘America’s Got Talent’, as it tends to stand in its own territory. This type of scenario has happened for other types of reality shows, such as how ‘The Voice’ took over ratings from ‘American Idol’ a few years ago. Now, it is time to make a change with the talent based reality shows, and it seems as though ‘The World’s Best’ certainly has a better incorporation of talents from all over the world as compared to these other shows that we have seen in recent years.

3. The Panel

One of the best parts of this new series is the fact that the panel has so much diversity in the realm of talent and fame. Drew Barrymore is, of course, an A list actress with a wide range of award winning films behind her. Faith Hill is a legend in the country music genre, and Ru Paul has made his own mark on the reality series side of television with his series ‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race’. These three, as well as the ‘world’ of experts that are included on the Wall of the World in the series, help to really bring a ton of talent and knowledge to the table, unlike having a panel of all singers.

While it may still be to early to tell how the show will have an effect on the world, and within the reality series genre of television as well, it seems pretty clear that ‘The World’s Best’ is definitely a game changer nonetheless. ‘The World’s Best’, while looking at the show as a whole, is bringing a lot more diversity to American television, with not just a few countries aiding from Europe in the selection, but several different countries from all across the globe. This allows for the talent of these individuals to be more cherished, and more appreciated, as the contestants battle for the top prize, and it is certainly making for excellent TV for viewers everywhere. Now that ‘The Word’s Best’ has made its debut and airs on CBS, it is your turn to decide. So, who will win in the battle of the best reality talent show on television?

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