Here’s What’s Coming To Netflix In January

Here’s What’s Coming To Netflix In January

There’s a lot of great shows and movies coming to Netflix in January but there are also a good number of them that are leaving as well.  In order to maximize what people want versus what they no longer watch the company has to try and keep up with current demands by taking away those programs that don’t receive as much attention. It’s kind of like a person’s movie shelf in a way, what you buy and then don’t watch for years on end starts to get dusty and just take up space, so eventually it’s time to put them away or give them up to someone that might make use of them.

Not that Netflix will be up and getting rid of anything, but it will be replacing a lot of programs with new selections to choose from. A few notable selections will be the next seasons of shows such as Colony, Lovesick, and Grace and Frankie. Movies that will be coming that are notable are the Lethal Weapon and Godfather series. Such films as 47 Meters Down and Captain Underpants will also be making their way to the menu.

Plus, one thing that people need to remember is that Disney is still making their case for their own streaming network and are planning on taking away all of their material from Netflix as of 2019, so 2018 should be a time to enjoy any and all Disney material that is added in. For instance this coming month Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will be coming to the list.

The shows and movies that people want but can’t get on streaming are usually still available on DVD if a person has added that option into their subscription, but there are limits to what can be provided since Netflix does have a set supply of movies. Since its inception though Netflix has proven to be one of the foremost streaming services and is still right at the top even after all the trouble it’s gone through in the last year with its budget being stretched so thin in an effort to compete. It’s easy to see how partnering with other businesses such as T-Mobile could have helped the company limp along for a short time before finally cementing its position and standing firm. Things often sound worse than they are but for Netflix the last few years seem to have gone up and down at times.

As of now though they have a very impressive lineup coming and should be able to up their numbers despite the slight increase in their monthly fee, which in truth isn’t that much but is still seen as an inconvenience. For those that are having trouble paying their bills and maintain a Netflix account it might be a problem but if you’re struggling to pay bills in the first place you probably shouldn’t be keeping a Netflix account as a priority, just saying.

At any rate, this new lineup coming in January looks pretty full so there should be something for everyone.

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