Hadley Robinson: 10 Fascinating Facts About the Rising Star of ‘Moxie’

Hadley Robinson: 10 Fascinating Facts About the Rising Star of ‘Moxie’

Hadley Robinson may be a newcomer to the world of professional acting, but she’s already making a splash with her captivating performances. Her breakthrough came in 2020 when she landed a role in the TV series Utopia. Now, she’s back on our screens, starring in the comedy-drama film Moxie, which follows a teenage girl who starts an anonymous magazine that ignites a fire in her fellow students. This role has given Hadley the opportunity to showcase her talents to a broader audience and is laying the groundwork for a promising career. Here are 10 intriguing facts about Hadley Robinson you probably didn’t know.

1. A Childhood Split Between the US and London

Born in the United States, Hadley spent her early years in a small Vermont town. At the age of nine, she and her family moved to London, where she discovered her passion for acting. Eventually, she returned to the US and attended three different high schools.

2. Not Quite a Teenager

Although Hadley convincingly portrays a teenager in Moxie, she’s actually closer to 30 than her on-screen persona. According to an article in Teen Vogue, she is currently 26 years old. Her youthful appearance will likely enable her to play younger characters for years to come.

3. A Juilliard Education

Despite her relatively short professional acting career, Hadley is no stranger to the craft. After falling in love with acting at a young age, she pursued her passion and attended Juilliard, where she participated in numerous theater productions.

4. Discovering Riot Grrrl Through Moxie

Hadley was just a baby when the Riot Grrrl movement emerged in the early 90s, so it’s understandable that she wasn’t familiar with it. For those who don’t know, Riot Grrrl was an underground feminist movement that originated in Washington and eventually spread worldwide. After being cast in Moxie, Hadley immersed herself in the history of the Riot Grrrl movement.

5. A Shy High Schooler

It’s easy to assume that actors and celebrities are naturally outgoing and extroverted, but that’s not always the case. Like many other actors, Hadley was somewhat shy during her high school years. In an interview with Schon Magazine, she revealed, “I was very shy in high school; I kept my head down, I was terrified of speaking my mind. I was taught that being wrong and failing meant that you yourself were a failure. I know now that this is the antithesis to growth.”

6. Moxie: Her First Major Movie Role

With less than 10 acting credits to her name, Hadley is no stranger to being on set. However, Moxie marked her first time in a leading role in a movie. While this is an exciting milestone, it also means spending long hours on set.

7. Avid Reader

As a lover of storytelling, it’s no surprise that Hadley enjoys reading in her downtime. Her literary interests range from poetry collections to novels, and she occasionally shares her current reads with her social media followers.

8. A Passion for Female-Led Projects

As a young woman in the entertainment industry, Hadley recognizes the importance of representation and empowering other women. She told RogerEbert.com, “I’ve always had such a great experience with women spearheading projects creatively. With women, I always feel like it’s more relatable, and then I feel a bit more open. I always feel very safe on set. And it feels good to see somebody like you at the forefront.”

9. Nature Lover

While her career may involve cameras and bright lights, Hadley finds solace in the great outdoors during her free time. She enjoys hiking, exploring nearby trails, camping, kayaking, and swimming.

10. A Preference for Dark Colors

While many people express their style through bright colors, Hadley prefers a darker palette. In an interview with Schon Magazine, she explained, “I like black. I have this terrible theory that people won’t take me seriously unless I wear dark, masculine clothes.”

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