10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gina McKee

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gina McKee

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gina McKee

Having a long lasting career in the entertainment industry isn’t as easy at it looks. With that being said, Gina McKee has worked hard to find longevity and consistency as an actress. Although it may be hard for some of her fans to believe, it’s been over 40 years since Gina made her first on screen appearance. Over the course of the last six decades, she has appeared in several very successful TV shows and films. She has played a wide range of characters and her versatility certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. No matter what Gina does, she can always be relied on to do it well and viewers are excited to see what the future has in store for her. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Gina McKee.

1. She Was Rejected From Drama School

Most drama school programs are highly competitive. As a result, getting accepted is one of the most exciting moments in an actor’s life. Unfortunately for Gina, it’s a moment she never got the chance to experience because she was rejected from the programs she applied to.

2. She Was Part Of The National Youth Theatre

Gina isn’t the type of actor who knew she wanted to act since she was in diapers, but she did develop an interest in acting at a relatively early age. She was still in elementary school when she got the desire to try acting and she eventually went on to perform with the National Youth Theatre.

3. She Comes From A Family Of Coal Miners

Gina wasn’t born into a family where the arts were at the center. Instead, her father worked as a coal miner as did several other generations before him. Luckily for Gina, she was surrounded by artistic people outside of her home who inspired and encouraged her to become an actress.

4. She’s Only Seen Notting Hill Once

One of Gina’s best-known movie roles is the 1999 film Notting Hill in which starred Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.  Despite the popularity of the film, Gina admits she’s only seen it once. She told Red Magazine, “I have only seen it once and that was at the premiere so I ought to watch it again really. But people often talk to me about it, and really love it and get a lot of pleasure from it, and that’s a really nice thing. I’m pleased that it has longevity. Bella was memorable.”

5. She Loves Theater And On Screen Work

On top of an incredibly successful on screen career, Gina has also found success on the stage. Unlike many other actors who have performed in both mediums, Gina says she can’t choose one over the other. During an interview with Sussex Life she said, “I wouldn’t choose between them, simply because both mediums for me have huge attractions and one of the things that I really enjoy about being an actor is that you have the opportunity to have versatility within your career. Having both mediums gives you that ability.”

6. She’s A Vegetarian

Gina McKee has been a vegetarian since the early 80s. Even before she decided to make the switch to a completely meatless diet, she has always felt uncomfortable eating animals. Fortunately, she has always liked vegetables which made the switch much easier for her.

7. She Has An Honorary Doctorate

Despite being rejected from drama school, Gina still got the opportunity to walk across the stage. In 2002, she received an honorary doctorate from the University of Sunderland. Former professional soccer player Niall Quinn also got an honorary degree during the same ceremony.

8. She Has Nearly 100 On Screen Credits

Successful isn’t a big enough word to truly describe what Gina’s career has been. Over the years, she has built a very impressive resume and she currently has 95 on screen acting credits. There’s no doubt that she will reach (and likely surpass) the 100 mark eventually.

9. She Is Very Private

Most people who have spent as long in the industry as Gina has have become open books, but that has never been the case for Gina. She deeply appreciates her privacy and has never been the type to share personal information. In fact, for many years, people weren’t even sure whether she was married or had any children. She eventually confirmed that while she is married, she doesn’t have any children.

10. She’s Not Active On Social Media

There are a lot of people all over the world who would love to keep up with Gina on social media, but sadly they don’t have that option. As far as we can tell, Gina doesn’t have accounts on any social media platforms. This likely has to do with the fact that she really values her privacy.

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