Game of Thrones Theme Performed in the Style of Stranger Things

Game of Thrones Theme Performed in the Style of Stranger Things

This is certainly interesting. Performing the Game of Thrones opening theme in the style of Stranger Things is something different and definitely opens the mind while making a person think. The funky-looking keyboard is an interesting effect and a great visual that kind of adds to the whole performance. Can you even imagine though if Stranger Things and Game of Thrones were to, in some universe-shaking way, cross over? It would never happen obviously since Westeros would be more likely to become a world in which the guys would campaign with their D&D characters. That actually seems plausible, and if it’s already been proven that there’s another phantom dimension that exists opposite of theirs, why not another one that steps back in time? It’s an author’s wild fantasy but it’s also something that probably shouldn’t happen since it would quite possibly ruin both shows.

But here’s a few good reasons why it would be cool, if somewhat over the top.

Eleven/Jane would end up being a powerhouse throughout Westeros.

I mean really, who could stand against her? Obviously she has limits but with Hopper and the others watching her back she’d be a serious threat to even Daenerys and her two remaining dragons. Think about how difficult it would be to stand against her. She’s taken on the Demogorgon and even repelled the massive nightmare creature from beyond the gate. She’s nobody to mess with, though Cersei would surely try and would probably be the biggest threat since she’s the most devious of the bunch.

Westeros isn’t ready for the boys.

Dustin, Mike, Will, and Lucas might seem like weak-willed little boys but they’ve proven they can stand tough in the face of things they don’t understand. They might not be warriors but they could certainly learn, and there’s nothing to say that they wouldn’t understand at least rudimentary tactics right off the bat. I see Lucas becoming the archer, Mike the leader, Will the heart of the team, and Dustin as, hopefully, the moral compass.

Eleven/Jane would most likely align with House Stark.

Why do I say this? Well to be honest Jane is far more melancholy despite her ability to smile and be happy, and would fit right in with House Stark. Plus, House Stark is all about protecting the rest of Westeros from any threats beyond the Wall, which as we know has been sundered already. If anyone could stand up to the Night King then it would be Jane, so long as she had some protection.

Those are just a few points that lean towards the ridiculous idea of a crossover between Stranger Things and Game of Thrones, but as ridiculous as it seems it could be a lot of fun to conceptualize. Being an author means your mind never stops going most times and any idea you find you try to roll it around a few times and see if the tumblers align just right.

There’s still a lot left to be desired for a story such as this but it could conceivably work with the right twists and turns, and a very forgiving audience.

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