The Force is Strong With Captain Kirk In Star Wars/Star Trek Fan Trailer

The Force is Strong With Captain Kirk In Star Wars/Star Trek Fan Trailer

The Force would have to be strong with Captain Kirk if ever there was a Star Wars vs. Star Trek movie to come out. But this fan seems to think that it’d be a down and out slugfest between the two, and they would probably be proven right. But would Captain Kirk be one of the more powerful Force users in the galaxy? I don’t know about that but one thing is for certain, he’s too lucky to not have some aspect of the Force working for him. If you pitted him one on one against Darth Vader I get the feeling he’d be diced into to pieces, but with a starship at his command and a full crew to take on a Star Destroyer he might make a better accounting of himself.

The only problem with this, and I can guarantee this would spark a heated debate between fans, is that Star Wars does tend to have the edge when it comes to firepower and the level of aggression that is shown by their various characters. Kirk might be one of the luckiest humans alive but that wouldn’t hold out too long against Darth Vader if he ever came across him. Also, the Enterprise in a one on one dogfight with any Imperial craft larger than itself wouldn’t last too long since Imperial ships tend to be loaded down with massive amounts of weaponry and would be able to overwhelm the shields and withstand almost any barrage that the Enterprise could come up with. It would take a great deal of skill and timing for the Enterprise to land a decisive hit on a Star Destroyer.

But back to Kirk. He’s resourceful, intelligent, and like I said, just plain lucky, but he’s also a bit too arrogant and cocky at times and this could work for him as well as against him. In a fight against Vader he’d need every advantage he could get and it still might not be enough. In a fight against the Empire I think Kirk would run out of options pretty quickly. He’s run up against enemies that are known for the ruthless aggression in the past, but unlike Star Wars, the Star Trek universe seems more bent on making peace with those enemies that it can, while in the Star Wars universe it tends to be everyone for themselves.

So what if he became an ally to the Rebellion? That’s as good a question as any, but it’s also one that begs the idea of just where he would see himself in the chain of command. The crew of the Enterprise seems like they’d be a welcome addition, but it would also seem as though they might think a bit too highly of themselves in terms of what they would bring to the table. They would be an invaluable addition and Kirk would play a great role in the Rebellion no doubt, if he could curb his more arrogant tendencies and play nice.

Plus, I think he and Han Solo would either get along or clash on a continual basis, especially if Kirk had eyes for Leia.

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