The Five Worst Charlie Sheen Movie Roles of His Career

The Five Worst Charlie Sheen Movie Roles of His Career

The Five Worst Charlie Sheen Movie Roles of His Career

Charlie Sheen is a famous American actor who has played different roles in different films and movies such as Platoon, Wall Street, Eight Men Out just but to mention a few. In his acting career, he has taken part in many films, some of which have been rated as best while in others, his role was not so good. Here is a sneak peak of five movies that Sheen acted in and most people felt that his full potential was at the least, underutilized:

Rated X (2000)

This is a fascinating and thrilling movie that is based on the book, X-Rated by David McCumber. In this film, Charlie and his brother Emilio are the starring, with the latter also directing. Emilio is into the porn industry, and his brother knows all about it (not to mention causes its downfall). The primary focus of the movie is creating the best from Behind the Green Door film. There are also some bits of drug addiction and increasingly erratic behavior. In the long run, you find that there’s murder among the two brothers. The movie seems to be a great one with great direction, but most people felt that Charlie did not reach the full potential or rather his delegated power. He could have done much better if he was given a different role.

Terminal Velocity (1994)

In this 1994 film, Charlie Sheen plays the role of a sex pest and drug abuser. The movie can be described as a funny and exciting movie where Nastassja Kinski is locked in a trunk that contains red Cadillac to be transported via a cargo plane. Charlie pursues this flight in another aircraft and finds himself in the cargo plane. In this pursuit, he gets Kinski and the Cadillac trunk falling through the air. In this and other scenes in the movie, Charlie looks like a self-parody of his work as seen in Hot Shots Movies. According to most people, it seemed like he was unfit for the role given in this movie. Sheen plays as a skydiving instructor who is so reckless and gets close to 12 safety violations within a month. He doesn’t show the real Charlie that most people expect.

Shadow Conspiracy (1997)

This is an action movie whereby Sheen acts as a special assistant to the President of the United States. In the course of his work, he accidentally meets his friend, a professor on the streets. The professor has time to tell about a conspiracy in the White House, but he gets shot and killed by an assassin. The fact that Sheen is the only one who knows about this makes him get caught in the rough guys’ plot. In this case, he has to protect himself, not only for his sake but also for him to stop the assassins from achieving their malicious goals. Most people argue that it is a great movie only that Charlie would have been excluded from the terrible conspiracy thriller that is all about power grabbing.

Navy Seals (1990)

In this movie, Sheen tries to prove to the other men that he has a penis and is a hard man in the Navy Seals. It is a military movie whereby the military aircraft carrier receives a mayday from a cargo ship. The ship’s captain and crew report that they have been attacked and are on fire. Worse still, they have been set adrift from their main course or direction. To some point, it is a sort of a brainless action movie that distorts your brain without your knowledge. Sheen’s limps are just a little-bit uncalled for according to most people. This makes it rank at this juncture.

Deadfall (2012)

This is an American crime drama movie. The plot is great. The movie cast is also great. But what makes it the worst Charlie Sheen movie role? Most people think so because he only turns up for a few minutes. When he speaks, most people do not find it sensible. If he had been cast otherwise, it could have been far much better.

In conclusion to this, you need to note that this is a compilation depending on that most people think about Sheen. If he had been given different roles in these movies, they probably would have been the best.

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