Five Things you Didn’t Know about Roma Maffia

Roma Maffia is an American actress who started out in both off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway productions but has since had a long career working in a wide range of projects for both the movie and the TV screen. As a result, a lot of people will have see her here and there, particularly since she is continuing to appear in well-known shows, with an excellent example being a Pretty Little Liars spinoff subtitled The Perfectionists.

Here are five things that you may or may not have known about Roma Maffia:

She Was Named Using a Map

There are a number of potential sources for the personal name Roma. For example, it is sometimes used as the feminine form of Roman, which in turn, is a more modern form of Romanus, meaning “Of Rome.” Furthermore, Roma is sometimes short for Romany, which is a name that sees some use outside of the Romani people. In Maffia’s case, her mother named her by looking at random at a map, so it should come as no surprise to learn that she is named for Roma, which is the Latin and then the Italian name of Rome since its founding.

Her Last Name Comes From Her Stepfather

As for Maffia, it is interesting to note that it comes from Maffia’s stepfather. For those who are curious about the name, it is a patronymic surname of Italian origin, meaning a surname that started out as being based on a person’s father’s name. In this case, Maffia is derived from Matteo, which might be more familiar to English speakers as Matthew.

She Dislikes Questions About Her Ethnic Background

Maffia dislikes questions about her ethnic background because she dislikes the agenda behind them. As she has stated in the past, such questions are meant to either include her in a particular group or exclude her from a particular group, which irritates her because she suspects that she wouldn’t have to face such questions if she was “blond and blue-eyed.” Regardless, Maffia’s response to such questions is firm and unyielding in nature, being that she is an American who acts.

She Was On Disclosure

Speaking of which, Maffia’s single most seen performance might have been on the 1994 movie called Disclosure, which saw her playing an attorney named Catherine Alvarez, who represented Michael Douglas’s character in a sexual harassment suit against Demi Moore’s character. Maffia claims that she used her experience with the frequent questions about her ethnic background when she played said role.

She Was On Nip/Tuck

With that said, some people might be more familiar with Maffia because of her role as Dr. Elizabeth Cruz on Nip/Tuck, which was a TV series that started up in 2003 and continued running until 2010. Like the name suggests, Nip/Tuck was centered on the personal as well as the professional lives of a pair of plastic surgeons, though it focused a fair amount on other main characters such as Dr. Elizabeth Cruz as well. Overall, Nip/Tuck was well-received, as shown by its run-length, its awards and accolades, and the fact that it was broadcast in a number of English-speaking countries.

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