Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lil Rel Howrey

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lil Rel Howrey

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lil Rel Howrey

Lil Rel Howrey is a comedian who stars in “The Carmichael Show” which is an NBC sitcom. He’s a favorite from the series and has amassed a fan base who enjoy his unique sense of humor. Lil Rel has done well in his acting career but he hasn’t fared so well in his personal life in the past few years. Here are five things you didn’t know about the funny man. j

Lil Rel isn’t always funny

The actor was involved in an automobile collision in 2016. He was a passenger in a vehicle that rear ended another car. After the vehicles came to rest, Lil Rel got out of the car he was riding in and started an argument with the other driver, according to Chicago police records. The altercation escalated and Howrey allegedly beat up the driver of the other car.

He spent time in jail

After the incident with the auto collision, Lil Rel Howrey was taken to jail by the Chicago police. He spent the night for allegations that he assaulted the driver of the other car that the vehicle he was riding in slammed into. He was charged with misdemeanor battery in the incident. After the collision, the other driver placed a call to 911 to report the accident and this seems to be what angered Howery and he was reported to have punched the man in the face which knocked him down onto the ground. The driver of the car that Howrey was riding in drove off and left him at the scene of the accident where he was arrested.

His real name isn’t Lil Rel

Fans know the popular comedian by Lil Rel Howrey, but this is the name that he goes by professionally. His birth name is Milton Howrey. He joins the long line of celebrities who don a nickname. He does however, go by his real surname. Most fans don’t realize what their favorite celebrities names are unless they do a little research to find out.

Lil Rel Howrey is married

Not all of his fans know much about Lil Rel Howery’s personal life. The actor is married to Verina Zonise. The two were wed on November 29 of 2008. The couple has two children together including a son and a daughter. Despite the fact that he’s had some problems in his personal life, Lil Rel is a family man who has been married for nearly nine years.

Lil Rel believes that racism is a scary situation

He shared that he has had his own struggles with the situation and he stated that to him, “racism is really scary…” He went on to say that when he is around a lot of white people he gets really nervous. Lil Rel explained that this is a typical experience for many African Americans. It’s just something that happens. He disclosed these very personal feelings as he was talking about the recent film that he and Jordan Peele were working on together. The film is titled “Get Out” and Howrey is appearing in the movie which is also Peele’s directoral debut film.

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