Five Things You Didn’t Know about HarmonQuest

Five Things You Didn’t Know about HarmonQuest

Five Things You Didn’t Know about HarmonQuest

I’ve got to admit that I know nothing about HarmonQuest so this time dear reader you and I are kind of in the same boat. If you know more than I do then by all means go on and correct me if I get something wrong. In any case, what I’ve found out is that it’s akin to a D&D quest though with live action interspersed with animation. It looks and sounds like something that could interest a wide fan base but is definitely geared towards those that enjoy a good quest movie and game. In all honesty it looks and sounds a little crazy, but to each their own.

Here are a few things that some people might not know about HarmonQuest.

5. The creator wouldn’t mind changing the name.

It might seem a little pretentious to name a show after yourself but obviously it works sometimes since so many people have done it. This might be the wrong venue in which to do such a thing however since despite the fact that it’s a comedy it’s still fairly unknown and doesn’t appeal to as wide of a fan base as so many other shows. If there was a chance Harmon would probably change it.

4. You don’t need to be a fan to enjoy the show.

A lot of people don’t play D&D even if a lot still do. In order to know what’s going on so far as the story line though you don’t need to know about rolling a d20 or what kind of check the characters are going to need to make to enter a room or navigate their way through a fight without getting too messed up. All you need to do is sit and watch, and hopefully enjoy.

3. It’s meant to be a comedy.

If you’ve ever sat in on a D&D session or played one at all in your life then you know that things can get pretty hilarious pretty fast. The act of being too serious with a game like this is what causes it to become less fun, so comedy is one of the only ways to break up the monotony or lighten the mood. Having played D&D before I can honestly say that laughing your way through a quest is better than getting bent out of shape.

2. It’s based around a D&D adventure.

If you couldn’t already tell that from the images then now you know. D&D is still a big thing around various communities and has become something of a favored pastime of those that want to play a game that doesn’t rely on technological means. HarmonQuest brings a lot of D&D aspects to each episode and looks like a funny and engaging show.

1. Dan Harmon plays one of the main characters. 

Harmon plays the character of Fondue Zubag, a half-orc ranger. This is kind of an odd role since half-orcs are quite often reviled in D&D unless they happen to live in their own communities or are raised in a community that accepts them. As to being a ranger it’s not entirely uncommon for such characters but as I’ve seen it’s never been the norm so this is interesting.

Yes, I was a D&D nerd at one point.


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