Five Reasons Adam Pally is the Right Fit to Play John Belushi

Five Reasons Adam Pally is the Right Fit to Play John Belushi

Five Reasons Adam Pally is the Right Fit to Play John Belushi

Let’s be honest here, there is only one John Belushi, and no one on this green earth we call home could possibly replace him. But as far as telling his story it’s important to find someone that could perhaps channel Belushi in a way that would be convincing enough to make a biopic work and possibly give a few insights to the life of the famed star that left his audience so long ago. During his lifetime John Belushi was one of the biggest stars in the industry, and it’s fair to say that he would have been considered a golden oldie at this time had he still been alive. Without any offense, it’s obvious that his brother Jim, talented as he is, couldn’t play the role of his brother even if he was young enough, as Jim has been a far better actor when it comes to drama than comedy, and it’s easy to think that he might not want to play the role of his brother anyway. But there are a few reasons why actor and comedian Adam Pally might be perfect for this role, or at least worth taking a look at since the biopic does appear to be back on track, and it will be coming eventually.

Here are a few reasons why Adam Pally might be the guy.

5. He can copy the acting ability

Keep in mind I said copy, not match. Trying to match what Belushi did back in the day is nearly impossible since it’s like a modern-day savior trying to compete with Jesus Christ in the eyes of devout Christians. There might be some that would think Pally can do even better and bring new life to the story of Belushi, but the best he’s going to be able to do is to bring his style of comedy to the deceased actor’s life, and hope that he’ll be able to adapt what he has to what people are hoping to see. John Belushi was the kind of actor that wasn’t the greatest actor ever, but he inspired others in a way that’s hard to master.

4. He can copy Belushi’s look

It won’t be perfect by any means, but it doesn’t need to be since he just has to be close enough to convince people that he’s playing the part to the best of his ability. Very few people that play the role of noted actors that have passed away ever come close enough to be mistaken for the person, but there have been a few throughout history. Even if Pally doesn’t look just like Belushi though, and he doesn’t, it’s not a big deal so long as he manages to act like the man as much as possible. There’s plenty of footage on Belushi to be used, and plenty of people that are still around that knew him personally to consult when trying to get it right.

3. He can bring the level of energy that Belushi was known for

This is just as important as his acting ability since Belushi was a high-energy talent most times and he didn’t stay still long, as some people would say. But keeping that level of energy up for a prolonged period of time is going to be difficult for anyone since Pally will need to make certain that he studies up on Belushi as much as possible. The famous comedian was the kind of guy that could go from a dead stop to light speed in a single movement at times, and it was fun to watch since one moment a person might be able to see him and in the next, Belushi was up and moving about and no one knew where he was going with his material.

2. There aren’t a lot of people that can exemplify Belushi

Pally should probably be feeling pretty lucky at the moment that he’s been considered for this since there aren’t a whole lot of people that could possibly take on this role and make it work. He’s being given a chance to emulate someone that helped to define at least a few generations with his work since like it or not, Belushi has remained a popular name for quite some time given that he helped to lay the groundwork for a lot of what comedy has become.

1. He’ll do a good job since he knows that to do any less is career suicide

This is not a movie that Pally can just shrug off if he gives a half-hearted attempt since the life and times of John Belushi are bound to be of interest to a lot of people since a good number of individuals followed him from his beginning to the end. It might not be the end of his career if he does a poor job, but it certainly won’t help him if he butchers the role of a comedian such as John Belushi.

There’s a lot of faith that he’ll do well.

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