10 Things You Didn’t Know About Corinna Kopf

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf is an internet personality who became famous under the nickname Pouty Girl. She is a media influencer who has made a fortune and earned a high level of recognition from her large and adoring fan base. If you’re a fan of hers, then you’ll be interested in checking out what we discovered when we checked into her career and her personal history. Here are 10 things that you might not already know about Corinna Kopf.

1. Her Birthday

Corinna Kopf was born on December 1, 1995. This makes her just barely 24 years old as of the winter of 2019. She was born in Palatine, Illinois. Her birth sign is Sagittarius. Corinna was raised in Palatine, but she has a family that lives in various parts of the midwest including Missouri, Iowa and in Wisconsin. She spent the majority of her life in Illinois, but later, she moved to Los Angeles, California.

2. Her first social media account was on Twitter

Corinna Kopf set up a Twitter account in 2011. She has had the account for years and during that time she has made thousands of posts that readers truly enjoyed. This was the first platform that she used to get her start on social media. In time she would amass a following on the site of more than three-quarters of a million followers.

3. Kopf started on Instagram in 2012

Corinna Kopf was still in high school when she set up her Instagram account and started posting. Her very first post was made on August 18, 2012. Little did she know at the time that she would become a famous and very popular internet sensation through this site. She did it by detailing what happened in her everyday life and people loved her for who she was. It didn’t take long for her to grow a huge following of fans who enjoyed following her on Instagram.

4. Her fashion line is going very well

We checked out the line of fashion apparel that Corinna Kopf has for sale online. She has a big inventory with a range of products in the Pouty Girl brand. It includes bras, panties, beanies, scrunchies, hoodies, shirts, and even phone cases. Her name brand items are selling well and we couldn’t help but notice that some of the items are sold out. This is yet an additional income stream for the internet personality turned gamer. She has a very successful online retail line of products available.

5. She joined forces with other popular YouTubers

Corinna also set up a YouTube channel. She was expanding the reach of her posts and she began uploading videos to the site. One of the things that really helped her to become more well-known was that she started making joint posts with other famous YouTubers. She collaborated with Liza Koshy, Nick Bean David Dobrik, Elle Mills, and several other notable figures on the platform.

6. She has made a small fortune

So far, Corinna Kopf, also known as Pouty Girl has not broken the million-dollar mark when it comes to her net worth. It appears that she is well on her way to doing it though. As of the end of 2019, she has an estimated net wealth of around $400,000. Soon, if her product sales continue to climb, she will reach the half-million point, and for being 24 years old, that’s not too bad at all. We see Kopf becoming even more popular with the passage of time.

7. Kopf has had an active love life

Some fans may be wondering if the internet model and beauty is still single. The answer is no, she isn’t. She has been in a couple of relationships recently. She first dated Toddy Smith, who is also an internet sensation, but the relationship didn’t work out so they went their separate ways. Most recently, she has been dating a Fortnite streamer who goes by the name Tfue. His real name is Turner Tenney and it has been reported that the two began seeing one another in 2019, so it is still a new relationship.

8. Corinna became famous on Twitch

Ms. Kopf became a big name streamer on Twitch as well as on several other media sites. She became well-known and liked for her gaming video streams and her popularity on the site soared to almost 2.8 million followers. This was yet one more massive accomplishment for the young internet sensation who is not only a celebrity but a powerful social media influencer.

9. She joined Facebook gaming

Corinna has been expanding her career as a gamer and she was recently made an offer by Facebook that she found hard to resist. She, along with many other prominent streamers are leaving the Twitch platform to migrate to Facebook. This is a new trend that has been taking place recently as Facebook is courting some of the bigger names in Twitch streaming. Kopf is one of the most recent additions to Facebook and she shared that she made the move because she is receiving the tools along with the support that she needs to expand her gaming career.

10. Kopf isn’t leaving anyone high and dry

Corinna Kopf has gained a massive number of followers on the respective social media platforms that she has used to develop her internet presence. Even though she will now be streaming on Facebook, she shared that she will also continue to provide content for her other social media sites. She isn’t jumping ship on anyone, she is simply expanding her options. If you were to tally the number of followers that are currently following her across the various social media sites it would be in the millions, and she is not about to run out on anyone. We wish her the best of success in her recent endeavors.

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