Five Predictions for Mortal Kombat 2

Saying that some folks enjoyed the newest version of Mortal Kombat and some didn’t is easy since no movie is ever going to please 100 percent of fans. But the fact is that more people can admit that the current version is miles above the movies that were released in the 90s. There were, admittedly, several questionable moments, and some aspects of the movie that could have been done a little better. But overall, the 2021 version of Mortal Kombat was what people wanted to see, and it left a serious desire to see more of this bloody franchise and what can be unveiled in a sequel. Annihilation was, as a sequel, a huge failure since not only did it introduce a new character for a well-liked character, but it managed to butcher the storyline and several characters in terms of how they were presented. The big hope is that the audience will get more of what was seen in the first movie since it worked on a lot of levels and it introduced one of the greatest rivalries in the game.  Here are a few predictions for Mortal Kombat 2. 

5. The sequel will be even gorier.

This is kind of a gimme and it’s already been stated that this is one of the tenets that will be followed when making the sequel. The first movie wasn’t unbearably gory but several moments did get kind of brutal. Anyone that has played the game knows too well that buckets of blood would be just a warmup for this story since guts tend to fly in every direction when it comes to every fatality and the blood only intensifies the interest. Thinking of how much more blood is going to flow in this second movie is bound to excite a great number of fans. 

4. Several characters will make cameos

There are so many different characters in the Mortal Kombat franchise that trying to get them all into a single movie is kind of impossible, especially if one is trying to tell a story. There are so many interesting directions that MK could go that it’s necessary to create a definitive tale that will be followed while many side quests might need to be part of a TV series instead of a movie. But cameos could be a way to show a lot of the characters even if they’re not bound to become a big deal within the movie. How this will work is hard to say since there are a lot of different ways to make it work, but it would be great to see as much of the roster as possible. 

3. Johnny Cage will become a main character.

Keeping the fans happy isn’t always a priority, which would explain the character of Cole in the first movie, but by placing Johnny Cage back in the mix it’s easy to think that a lot of people are going to be entirely happy since this is one of the characters they were expecting. Johnny Cage is, after all, one of the first characters that helped to launch the franchise. Hopefully, there will be a way to explain why he wasn’t included in the first movie since his importance has changed throughout the years when it comes to the overall story. One of the key components to this character though is going to have a lot to do with who manages to get placed in the role

2. Scorpion will turn heel. 

This feels like a bad prediction considering the way he was brought in during the first movie, but given that he was fighting against the man that killed his family and sent him to the netherrealm, it’s easier to say that he was a neutral character and might not have been as good as people want to think. Throughout the franchise, Scorpion has been seen as a villain and as a neutral character, and eventually as a heroic character at one point. Seeing Scorpion turn heel would be kind of tough, but it wouldn’t be completely unexpected. But making it work within the story might be kind of tough. 

1. Shao Kahn will emerge as the main enemy.

This didn’t work that well when it came to Annihilation, but in this case, it feels as though introducing Shao Kahn wouldn’t have been quite as effective. But perhaps for a second movie he would be a fun character to introduce and create as the main enemy. An enemy such as Shinnok, or Onaga, would be a little too OP for a second movie, but Shao Kahn might be able to stand out as the major villain that would be able to challenge the fighters in a way that would make the battle look hopeless. Upping the stakes in the second movie by bringing in a truly powerful and ruthless enemy would be a great move since it would likely keep people wanting even more.  It’s bound to be a while before this movie is even close to being released, but fans are going to be waiting, there’s no doubt of that. 

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