Five Movies You Loved the First Time You Saw Them and Hated the Second

Five Movies You Loved the First Time You Saw Them and Hated the Second

Five Movies You Loved the First Time You Saw Them and Hated the Second

Some movies are easy to watch a second time around since a viewer might have missed something and they wanted to see more, or it could be that jokes that were experienced are funny no matter how many times you watch it. But then there are movies that just aren’t worth watching a second time simply because the viewer can get the point the first time around. These movies either weren’t that great to begin with or were so breathtaking that watching them a second time kind of spoils the effect. Some people can watch movies over and over and get just as much from them as they did the first time around, even when the story doesn’t change and the same things keep happening over and over. But again, there are those movies just don’t feel as though they’re worth the second look, or are bound to be ruined a bit with a second viewing. Saying that a person hates a movie the second time they see it might indicate that there was something they didn’t notice the first time around and that seeing it again makes them change their mind, that what they thought was so great the first time around isn’t all that wonderful at this point since they’re no longer watching the movie with blinders any longer. Hate is a strong word of course, but it usually comes when one has already put a certain amount of investment into something, or someone, and thereby has the leeway to experience the opposite emotion that coincides with that initial love of something.

Here are a few movies that were easy to dislike once a person watched them the second time.

5. Armageddon

Initially, the idea of sending oil drillers into space was a novel idea since they knew the job, they knew the equipment that was needed, and they knew what it took to drill into pretty much anything. But watching this a second time you really get the idea that trying to give a bunch of roughnecks a crash course on space travel is a lot harder than having them give the basics and fine points of drilling to a group of astronauts that are trained for space missions. Of course, looking at how things went, none of them were really that prepared to face what was coming and dumb luck becomes the only deciding factor by the end of the movie.

4. Monster

This is one of those movies that a person tends to watch since people recommend it and because it was a chance to see something outside of the actor’s usual repertoire. But once you’ve seen it, watching the movie a second time is kind of like punishing yourself since the first time around was a bit rough and made some folks wonder why they’d bothered. Granted, a lot of people figured that it was worth a lot of credit and hullabaloo, but at the same time, one has to remember that we’re essentially doing the same thing we’ve done for a while, glorifying people that break the laws in one way or another. Once that realization sets in it’s a little harder to really ‘feel’ anything for the main character.

3. American History X

Obviously this was a highly-provocative movie that made a lot of people think and managed to get a great deal of attention for its content and subject matter. But when you watch it again you can almost deconstruct the movie piece by piece and start pointing out the issues that come with it. As great as the story is there are moments when it breaks down and a person has to realize that in real life some of these things wouldn’t go down this way. People can argue this as much as they can, and they’d be right at times since thanks to individual anecdotes and statistics they would have a point, but overall, this movie takes a very idealized version of an existing problem and turns it in for a price.

2. Bull Durham

I’ll say this for Bull Durham, if you skip around to certain scenes and enjoy them for the humor and the feeling they impart to the movie as a whole, then it’s easy enough to watch this movie multiple times and still get something from it. But watching the movie in its entirety makes it drag each and every time past the first since there are a lot of moments where the pacing is nice and even, but then slows down and drags out to a point that makes a lot of people wonder just when things are going to pick up again. Sadly, a lot of these scenes involve Susan Sarandon and the narrative of the story, which is great on its own, but when coupled with the rest of the movie kind of makes a person wonder just what the movie is really about.

1. Deliverance

If dueling banjos make your skin crawl when you hear them then this movie might be the reason why. Plus, the whole ‘squeal like a pig’ scene is enough to keep a lot of people from watching this movie a second time since it was undeniably disturbing. But to really put it bluntly, this movie was great the first time around, but since you know what’s coming the second time it becomes a kind of ‘hurry up and wait’ feeling that kind of wrecks the whole idea of it.

Sometimes movies are best with just one go-around and no more.

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