Five Inspirational TED Talks by Famous Celebrities

Five Inspirational TED Talks by Famous Celebrities

A lot of people look at actors as overpaid and always in the spotlight for one thing or another. Those various reasons could mean that they’re in trouble with the law, they’re having relationship issues, or that they’re just out on the town and trying to mind their own business. The point is that everything celebrities do these days carries so much weight with the public that a lot of it seems pointless and bound to go absolutely nowhere in terms of being valuable and beneficial to anyone. But with TED talks, celebrities can find a new venue from which to express themselves that is not solely for entertainment or shock value and can give a greater insight into who they are and what they really value.

It’s an interesting look past the glamour and into the heart of who people really are.

5. Adam Driver

Adam Driver is either the strange, awkward guy in the movies that is the outcast or oddball, or he’s the joker that has almost no sense of responsibility in the films he stars in. But he’s a great actor, which makes it strange to see that he’s just a little unsettled in this talk. Yet for all that he does manage to convey his message to the audience, telling them about how he became an actor after being a US Marine. It’s kind of an interesting story really.

4. Stephen Lang

Stephen Lang is the perfect villain in movies since he has that hard look and the capability of terrifying people with the right sneer and the hard attitude that he can deliver with very little effort. Lang however is one of the most underrated actors and writers that has come along in a while. He does like to be a little long-winded but his words are still powerful.

3. Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton is a very popular actress that you don’t get to see that often these days. You know she’ll pop up again and again but she seems to pick her spots and then come back when people least expect it. In this talk she speaks upon the act of becoming something called the self, which she states is a projection that is based upon the interaction of the individual with their environment.

2. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is of course THE self-help guru that so many people know and follow that this kind of stage is his domain. He’s comfortable on the stage, he’s confident, and he knows how to talk to people regarding what they want to hear and what they NEED to hear. He’s all about asking the hard questions that allow people to understand just what makes a person’s life worth it in the scheme of the world they occupy.

1. James Cameron

James Cameron is a visionary, plain and simple. There’s a lot that can be learned from a man such as this however since his visions were influenced by the world around him, a seemingly simple thing that many find possible to embrace. Yet for all that there’s still the need to realize that the world we live in, while known, is still something unique and worth exploring in order to find out just how far our mind can reach.

Celebrities are after all more than just famous faces.

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