Five Great Movies that Were Shot in Idaho

Five Great Movies that Were Shot in Idaho

Movies filmed in Idaho are kind of rare if you want to know the truth. It’s not really that Idaho’s a bad place, far from it, but for some reason it seems that films tend to be shot in various other locations that might be deemed more picturesque or even more popular. However Idaho has had a few great movies shot within its borders despite the fact that many people don’t recognize it. Nearly every state has been referenced or show in films since Hollywood was only an idea waiting to be sparked. Nowadays there are most definitely locations where people prefer to shoot and some where they wouldn’t even think of it. Idaho isn’t the most popular state for films to be located in or even used for one shot or another, but it’s seen its time in the sun.

Here are a few movies that might have been overlooked and deserve a little more recognition.

5. Dante’s Peak

The film might have said it was in Washington but it was filmed in Wallace, Idaho. The volcano was a hill that was made to look the part in order to give credence to the movie. There have been a lot of volcano warnings in the Pacific Northwest throughout the years, but the chances of one blowing its stack are hotly debated by a lot of experts. Chances are though if the nearest ones choose to go people a few states away will know about it.

4. Bronco Billy

Shot in Boise, Idaho, Bronco Billy is about a broken down Wild West show of which Billy is the star. At some point he meets up with Lilly, who becomes his new assistant before things start going wrong for the troupe, at which point she’s blamed for their ill luck. Eventually she leaves and the troupe has to move on, but near the end she comes back since she misses Billy.

3. Moving

A move from New Jersey to Idaho does not sound like a fun proposition. It gets even worse when you factor in that the movers you’ve hired are less than trustworthy and are taking their sweet time moving across America while enjoying themselves on your time and your dime. Eventually Arlo snaps and decides to take matters into his own hands, which is when it really gets funny.

2. Napoleon Dynamite

It’s still kind of a mystery how this movie got the cult following that it did but there’s no denying that people actually rallied around it. Napoleon Dynamite is one of the most socially awkward kids you’ll ever meet and his entire life seems to revolve around on very simple concept, he’s strange and doesn’t seem to mind. That’s an interesting way to live I suppose.

1. Pale Rider

While the train station scenes were shot in California the majority of this film was shot in central Idaho. Now if you want to argue about how picturesque the state is or isn’t just take a look at the view in the movie and you might change your mind. Idaho can be a nice place too.

It just doesn’t seem to draw a lot of attention for movies.

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